Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Swamp Challenge 25 - 31

26 - 90s. Can you guess which is my favourite Pokemon?
27 - Daily Routine. Every makeup item that's slapped on my face every morning. I'm surprised I have any face left underneath!
28 - Backwards. It's my blog... but backwards.
29 - Denim. Baggy jeans and the hottest accessory this season - a hanging dog lead.
30 - Flower. Fuchsias are by far the most elegant flowers.
31 - High angle. Freddie doesn't sleep without his hoop within reach.

I can't believe July is already over, this month really flew by and I think the Swamp Challenge actually helped because I looked forward to every day and made as much effort every day as possible!

As I mentioned in a post earlier, I'm doing my own Photo A Day challenge for August, called #ZombieAugust, so if you feel like giving it a try, go for it and don't forget to let me know!


  1. Do you have a review post on the Maybelline foundation? x

    1. Surprisingly I don't, I think it's about the one thing I've used for years that I've never reviewed, I'll get down to it ASAP!

      Ali xx

  2. Not to be a bad influence on your bank balance but have you seen MUA have 25% off and free delivery?


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