Friday, 3 August 2012

Liebster Blog Award #2

I know I've already filled out the 11 standard questions for the Liebster Blog Award but the gorgeous Elle from Thoughts Of A Teenage Bookworm (seriously, she deserves more followers, check out her prom dress , greatest dress EVER!) nominated me so I thought I'd fill out her questions!  

- Are you a cat or a dog person?
I'd say I'm a dog person because I've always had a dog in our house, I find dogs are much more loyal and my Freddie really has some character, something I don't find too much in cats, but I love cats and Troy's cat seems to love me, so I can't insult cats!

- If you could have an hair color in the whole world what would it be and why?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tough one. I've been dying my hair black for a few years now but if I could, I'd have bright purple hair. It'd be AMAZING. Because I like standing out and I love purple!

- Other then blogging what are your other hobbies?
I guess you can call listening to music a hobby, right? Face painting, dog walking, messing with makeup, taking silly Instagram photos!

- Do you enjoy/play video games? If yes what's your favorite?
Oh god I LOVE video games, but I haven't played them for a while purely because I've finished all of the ones I've got. I only have a PS2, but I love old school gaming like GTA San Andreas, Tony Hawk, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider...

- Whats your favorite band/artist and why?
Tough call, but because I love every one of their songs and that very rarely happens, I'm saying The Used, because they saved my life when I was a teenager, they made my life complete and I passed out with shock at their gig, Bert's lyrics have meant everything to me for a decade of my life and I can't thank those guys enough really. End rant.

- What would be your dream job?
Have you seen School Of Rock? How Jack Black teaches the kids all about different kinds of rock? Yeah, that's my dream job.

- What are your most prized possessions?
It might sound strange to other people but I guard a little casino chip with my life. My uncle brought it back from Korea when I was young and I carry it in my makeup bag, it's like my lucky charm, it's got me through GCSEs, A levels and university exams and I hope it helps more!

- Where would your dream holiday be?
Call me crazy but I'd love to go to Mexico for Dia De Los Muertos, I'd dress up and join in with everything, I love how passionate the country is about their culture.

- Do you like where you live? If not where would you want to live?
My house in particular, I detest. I like the area a bit, but I'd rather live in Cardiff. Feels like home back there.

- Why did you start blogging in the first place?
I think I wanted to start off sharing my makeup and face painting tips, because everyone I meet always wonders why I go so overboard with my daily makeup!

- Do you have any piercings/tattoos? If not what would you like to get done?
None just yet! But I'd love to get a handful of tattoos - a Dia De Los Muertos sugar skull, a hanging heart from The Used's album In Love and Death, the Jackass skull and cross-crutches, the Green Day heart grenade, a David Bowie skull, Gene Simmons' the Demon symbol, Chadam (The Used's mascot on their album Lies For The Liars), a casino chip, a drummer boy from the My Chemical Romance album The Black Parade, Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas... I could go on...

I admit I enjoyed these questions a liiiittle too much, thank you so much for the nomination Elle, it really means a lot!

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