Saturday, 4 August 2012

Repurchasing: A Cosmetic Love Affair.

Have you ever had a product you just can't bear to run out of? Have you ever loved a product so much you can't accept any substitutes? I'm sure we can all say we've happily repurchased a product on the basis that we loved it above any other. I'm no exception.

I'm surprised the blogosphere hasn't caught onto posts of this kind, but I thought about it earlier and I'd love to see what products other people believe are worthy of repurchasing, so I hope this post helps other people see what I liked enough to repurchase! Now, as I'm about to explain, rebuying a product doesn't necessarily mean it's good, but it can also mean it's something that works for you at the time, having not discovered anything better at the point of purchase.

1. Bourjois Liner Pinceau 16hr in Black
I used to adore this liquid eyeliner before I started blogging, I just loved how it stayed on, how it applied, everything. I'll admit it did have a habit of running down my face in the rain, but at that point I was a newbie beauty blogger and I assumed that was how every other product worked, I wasn't going to find anything better, so I splashed out around £6 on this again. I did try and find a replacement when my old one ran out, I tried Barry M which made my eyes sting, felt tip liners which were dried out before I even got them home, and I ended up straight back at Bourjois' door apologising for betraying them. However, the third item in this post will tell you that however faithful I was to Bourjois, I was under the misconception most of us have fallen for - there isn't anything better out there. 

2. Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory
Another repurchasing mistake, but it may turn out to be for the better. My usual shade, Light Porcelain, is often quite orange on me if I accidentally apply the slightest bit too much, but when the Boots 3 for 2 offer was at its height, I panic-bought two Light Porcelains and an Ivory in the hope I'd get a bit more tanned in the summer. But as it's the beginning of August now, no sign of the big yellow myth called 'The Sun' let alone any sign of a tan, I may have wasted £7-odd on this.

3. MUA Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
This one explains why the Bourjois liner was a waste of time. When I discovered this £1 beauty, I fell head over heels in love, I couldn't believe that an eyeliner would stay on an entire day and even put up a damn good fight against a face wipe at the end of said day. I shot down the shops to repurchase this the minute I realised it was so hard-wearing, even though it was only £1, I knew I had to make sure I couldn't run out of it unexpectedly and find myself resorting to any other liner in my stash. Unfortunately, about two weeks prior to this discovery, I'd already bought the Bourjois one, so that just sits in my storage, probably cursing the day I discovered MUA. 
Wait, did I just personify my own makeup? Did I just make myself feel sorry for a product?!

4. MUA Professional Eye Primer
I guess the story behind this repurchase is identical to that of the waterproof liner, I knew from the first day I used it, I couldn't go a day without it. I don't often reach MUA Pro stands and I felt a rush every time I saw the primer, thinking to myself that I might run out of my current one and I wouldn't even know until it was too late. Images of Independence Day explosions flashed in my mind, I expected the zombie apocalypse, 2012 would actually happen if I didn't repurchase this primer.

So I guess you could say, judging by this entire post, I get too attached to my products. Maybe I should stop taking the commitment too quickly, maybe I should just start taking them out for a few dates before moving in with them and sharing a mortgage. Yeah, that's the sensible route, right?

What products couldn't you live without? What have you repurchased recently?

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