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Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr: Ali's Review

Clockwise L-R 
Permanent Taupe
Endless Purple
Turquoise Forever
Immortal Charcoal
Eternal Gold
On and On Bronze
and in the middle - Eternal Silver

It was bound to happen eventually - I've collected all the UK released Maybelline Color Tattoos. I've seen this coming for a few months because the moment I tried my first one, Immortal Charcoal, I fell in love and picked up a new one each time I shopped in Boots. You can tell by the state of the packaging that these are well and truly loved, I use two in my everyday makeup routine, which goes to show it was money well spent! I cannot rave about these enough, I've recommended them to friends and relatives of all ages, and they all love them just as much!

I first picked up Immortal Charcoal because, as you might already have noticed, I adore black eye looks, I use black in my eyeshadow every day, whether it's an all-over colour or simply for blending into the eye socket. You can see by the dent in the pot how old this one is, it's my companion for keeping black eyeshadow in place all day, because I've had disastrous days before these were released and I've got these to thank for my eyes lasting an entire 10 hour day!

Is it just me that prefers the UK names to the US ones? Immortal Charcoal v Audacious Asphalt? Maybe I just love the word 'immortal' too much, which could in turn be a link to a popular song by Evanescence.

In one of my earliest posts on this blog, I explained a makeup tip that I discovered with these little angelic pots - as a base for my undereye concealer. The only shade that really foots the bill for this job is Eternal Silver, however I've seen the white that was released in the US and I'm desperate to get hold of it to give it a try for the same purpose! I use this top tip every day without fail and I've never experienced an issue with it, the shimmer of the silver does not appear through my concealer whatsoever, it's just perfect as a long-lasting base.

I was so keen to get my hands on the brightly coloured shades of this range that I grabbed Endless Purple without reading the reviews beforehand, which I try my best to avoid doing now I know the ropes of beauty blogging. Unfortunately, this is the colour that disappoints me the most out of this range. I adore purple eye looks but this isn't by far as pigmented as it appears in the pot and near impossible to blend.

The same problem arose with Permanent Taupe. I'd read rave reviews that this was a gorgeous shade that looked entirely different in the pot as it does on the eyelids, and as I've never been a fan of nude/neutral eye looks, I wasn't keen on this, but nevertheless, I gave it a try, and the reviews were right. Difficult to blend doesn't quite cover it, it sits on the eyelid like a second skin the millisecond it makes contact. The shade it comes out on the eyelid looks a bit sickly to me, if I was to wear this on its own, I'd probably look like I had the Black Death or something equally gruesome.

Turquoise Forever disappointed me to a degree, in the sense that the colour in the pot is not exactly what you get on your lids unless you build and build and build until you forget you have an eyelid underneath. No matter what, it comes out to a green-based teal when I'd always associated turquoise with an aqua, more-blue-than-green shade.

On And On Bronze is the shade I use the most as a base for my everyday eye looks now it's come to summer and it's acceptable for me to wear glittery bronze and gold looks. It's perfect in consistency, shade and application, I love it!

My most recent purchase which prompted this post - Eternal Gold. Did Maybelline run out of ideas for names for Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver? I hadn't even swatched this one before taking these photographs, I love the look of these perfect little pots before they've been touched and for each of the Color Tattoos, I've taken a multitude of photographs to mark the occasion of their birthday. Anyway, I should have got Eternal Gold way back when I began collecting these because gold has always been a great colour for me to play around with in regards to eyeshadow looks, it's perfect for summer and also my eye colour, so I'm really pleased I finally have my hands on this, and I'll be posting separately about this little gem, also with an EOTD to seal the deal.

Light Sides
♠ Contrary to other cream/gel products, these have never dried out on me.
♠ As for the 24 hour claim, I've tried these for 16 hours and had no problem, I'm just too conscious of sleeping in makeup to test the 24 hours.
♠ Beautifully pigmented.
♠ Apply like a dream and dry quickly but not too quickly.
♠ Eternal Silver is perfect for a base for undereye concealer - top tip!
♠ Perfectly blendable for smoky eyes.
♠ No creasing whatsoever.

Dark Sides
♠ Hard to apply/blend with Endless Purple and Permanent Taupe.
♠ Turquoise Forever isn't exactly what I'd call 'turquoise'.
♠ UK release is seriously lacking in some gorgeous US release colours.
♠ Glass pots are huge and clunky - makes you believe there's more product than there is - plus taking glass pots to festivals is a no-no!

So as you can tell by the fact I've bought all of these (with my own money, I might add), I adore these little heavenly pots, and I hope the US release colours (Pomegranate Punk and the likes) will hop over to the UK soon, because I'm bursting to try them out!

What do you think of the Color Tattoos? Which one(s) do you like most?

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