Friday, 17 August 2012

MUA Every Lash Waterproof Mascara

Despite my love for the budget brand MUA, I've entrusted my mascara collection to more expensive brands up until now. I tried their waterproof mascara from the £1 range and while it coated my lashes, it wasn't greatly waterproof or smudgeproof and did absolutely nothing for me. From then on, I was pretty wary of trying their other mascaras, regardless of price. But I was intrigued by the Every Lash as it was released last month and I had high hopes they would have some fantastic new formula, otherwise they wouldn't have released it.

I was right.

I wouldn't call myself a professional mascara reviewer so if I don't use any fancy terms, please forgive me, I'm new to this and the criteria is pretty strict for these kinds of posts from what I've seen before.

As you can see the brush is spikey, which in my opinion is a lot better than bristley, I just feel more comfortable applying it knowing there won't be any loose bristles in the mascara, which I found with the £1 MUA offering.

In between taking a 'before' shot and an 'after' shot, the natural light disappeared - but that's English weather for you! Please ignore the eyeshadow, I was playing around with my Going For Gold palette, trying out a look I'd seen on YouTube, and needless to say, it doesn't suit my skin colour one bit, then again, gold doesn't really suit someone with the skin tone of Casper...

It volumises my lashes to some extent, not as greatly as some mascaras, but it definitely fulfils its guarantee of lengthening. A good 4mm on some lashes - that's insane for a £2 mascara!

It's probably just my immaturity but I love the way this mascara wraps my lashes in tubes, so rather than flaking off on a face wipe at the end of the day, it slides off perfectly. I know it's bad for my lashes, but I just can't resist pulling the mascara off gently because it's so stringy and springy and fun to play with!

I've been in the market for a new mascara as I tend to be a mascara whore, I haven't repurchased a mascara before, but since I've tried Maybelline Falsies, I've been struggling to find something that matches it. Every Lash isn't identical but it's a lovely equivalent that's equally as easy to work with.

Light Sides
♠ Does what it says on the tube - voluminous and lengthening
♠ Definitely waterproof, survived a day of torrential rain and even put up a good fight against makeup remover!
♠ Lovely plastic spikey brush, no loose bristle nightmares.
♠ Lasts all day completely smudge-free.
♠ £2 on offer - well worth the price!

Dark Sides
♠ Could enhance volume a little more.
♠ Sometimes needs a lash comb to separate lash clumps it creates.

I grabbed this on offer for £2 but I'm not sure how long the offer lasts, so if you'd rather not pay £3 normal price, grab it while you can!

Have you tried any MUA mascaras?

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  1. I have this mascara and the extreme curl one and I really like both however I think this one is slightly better I've been wearing it a lot since I bought it :)

    1. Oh really? I've been curious about the extreme curl one too, maybe because the tube looks so high end and shiny! :) x

  2. Honestly every time I see you reviewing and MUA product I want to buy them. I haven't had the chance nor money to explore their products so I really like that you are instead. Must try this mascara too, I spend waaay to much money on them at the moment :')
    Elle xo

    1. Hahaha thanks hun, it's annoying their stuff is so good, I keep spending on them! :P x


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