Saturday, 11 August 2012

MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette

When I joined the blogosphere, I was baffled by the popularity of eyebrow pencils and eyebrow kits, purely because I thought I had thick enough eyebrows in the first place and they didn't need to look any thicker. Turns out I was wrong, so I started to reach for a dark eyeshadow to fill in the gaps. When I read how much of a bargain MUA's eyebrow pencil was, I searched high and low for it, it took me a good two weeks of store trawling to finally find one in brunette - clearly it's popular! I've always considered my brows to be a bit darker than brunette though -- somehow although I'm a natural blonde, my eyebrows are almost-black to keep up with my hair, that's confused me for years but I've hardly complained!

Despite appearing as a medium brown pencil, this matches my brows almost perfectly. It covers well, there's no doubt about that. At first I hadn't the foggiest how heavy handed to be or not, so I dropped right in the deep end and realised I'd pressed way too hard and created the harshest lines, far from a design fault, just an Ali fault.

Post-use, my brows stayed tacky and because I'm new to eyebrow pencils, I can't tell if that's good or bad, but it's certainly not what I expected shifting from eyeshadow to pencil, I found myself itching my brows a lot and smudging it a long way down my face. Admittedly I didn't use clear mascara on that attempt to seal it, but because I'd made such a heavy-handed job of it, I wanted to leave it and I couldn't wait to take it off.

I love the useful eyebrow brush on the opposite end of the pencil, the popular Rimmel equivalent has the same but this one is a lot more compact, and somehow I find it hoards the colour off the pencil, so if I've accidentally brushed it further than my brows, it smudges brown across my face. Epic fail, but once again, probably an Ali fault, although my other brow combs don't do the same.

Had I never heard of brow kits and all that jazz, I'd still be leaving mine natural. I prefer subtle brows, so this product wasn't for me, but I'm sure it will be for others who don't have already caveman-like eyebrows!

Light Sides
- Love the brow brush on the other end, so handy!
- Strongly pigmented.
- Smooth application.

Dark Sides
- Stays uber tacky all day.
- Brush tends to hoard colour and smudge it everywhere.
- Definitely need to be light-handed with this one, which I'm not!

So a mixed review with that one, probably because I'm new to eyebrow pencils that I'm finding so many things wrong with it, but I'll learn in time!

Have you tried this pencil? Which is your favourite eyebrow method, eyeshadow, pencil etc.?

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  1. I have the lighter one of these and I have ordered this one. I really like them as a quick cheap every day eye brow pencil. I do find them too soft thought, I almost have to sharpen it every second day!


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