Thursday, 9 August 2012

Stila SPF30 Tinted Moisturiser

L - Half-rubbed into my hand, R - Splodged artistically (I'll send this into the Tate Modern, they'll love it!)

When this sprang up in my local Poundland, I was just happy to find something in a light shade, because all the other Stila products available were ridiculously orange. I had to trust the packaging label of shade 'light' because it's impossible to test it out in store with packaging that isn't transparent, but I trusted the word 'light' and went for it, having only cost a pound, I thought I'd have nothing to lose.

Trying to apply it to my face, I noticed it didn't glide on like I've found most moisturisers do, it kind of clung (if that's even a word!) to the place I applied it, and it was impossible to blend.

As for 'light', the colour name couldn't be more wrong, I know I'm paler than Dita Von Teese but even 'light' skinned people don't have orange skin. I mean really orange. Oompa loompa orange.

It left my face incredibly tacky afterwards (imagine lathering your entire face with rubbish sticky lip gloss), but I thought 'ah well, powder will sort that'. The same goes for shine, I understand it's packaged as 'sheer' but my face was shimmering like a new penny, and I'm not one for the dewy look.

Light Sides
- It's in Poundland, so it's well worth the money.
- SPF30, so that covers the entire UK summer sun, which came and went last month.

Dark Sides
- Packaging doesn't allow you to colour match in store.
- Bear in mind that 'light' = orange.
- Leaves skin tacky and shinier than a new penny.
- Hard to squeeze product out, I was straining pretty hard to get only the tiniest bit.
- Impossible to blend, leaves bright orange patches everywhere.

As it goes with any product review, your experiences could well be different to mine, but I was anticipating these because they were such a bargain but I'm really disappointed.

Have you grabbed any Stila bargains at Poundland? Was your experience with this tinted moisturiser different to mine?


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