Thursday, 9 August 2012

MUA Undressed Palette

I won't bore you with swatches because there's plenty out there and they'll all be better than my trusty iPhone 3GS' poor photography!

I'm absolutely in love with this palette, I waited impatiently as MUA released each colour on their Instagram, thinking to myself 'please please PLEASE be a Naked palette dupe!' because I'd never be able to afford the full Monty. I sat waiting impatiently as the store release date loomed. I sat reading every review as other people got hold of it before I could. And finally, I grabbed the last one on the shelf! Is it a bad sign that I could see it from halfway down the aisle?


I've found with MUA's mono shadows that their matt shades aren't as pigmented as the pearl shades, but the matts in this palette are not only well pigmented but they survive just as long as the pearls.

While I'm not one for the pale neutral eye looks, which was primarily what I could make out of the Heaven and Earth palette, the Undressed gives me so much to play with, especially shade 12, which I seem to have a love affair with. I've always adored gunmetal shades and they're quite rare in drugstore brands.

Shade 6 -- my god have you seen shade 6? It's so well pigmented I barely touched it and I was coated in gorgeous bronze shimmer, my only complaint is to beware if you're heavy handed, this shade is so fine that it smooshes (I'm loving the word smoosh lately, so I endeavour to put it in every review) under your brush/sponge.
See what I mean in the top right corner? Smoosh to the max!
(My sponge isn't clean here, but I prefer seeing dirty products, just goes to show they're well loved!)

Shades 6, 12 and 11 swatched - my favourites!

Packaging-wise, I've never been greatly keen on MUA palette packaging because I have no nails and I struggle to open them without risking plonking a finger right into an eyeshadow.

Light Sides
- Beautifully pigmented as always with MUA.
- 12 shades for £4, absolute bargain!
- Sponge applicator that comes with it (don't knock it til you've heard me out!) - this actually prevents a lot of fallout from their shimmery shades.
- Near-enough dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for a fraction of the price!

Dark Side
- Packaging's fiddly to open.

Overall, as almost every other blogger has already mentioned, I'm in love with this palette, I keep pulling it out and staring at it, it's b-e-a-yooo-tiful!

Have you tried the Undressed palette yet? What are your favourite shades?


  1. I love my heaven and earth palette so I need to try this one too! x

  2. Looks awesome, i will be hunting this down!

  3. Looks awesome, i will be hunting this down!

  4. Everyone's been raving about it, i need to try it out!

  5. I must try this one out, everyone's so happy with it! I've got one of their more colorful palettes and I'm so happy with it, looks like I'll have to hunt this down and try it :)

    Elle - xo

  6. I NEED this palette! I've noticed lots of metallic eyeshadows 'smoosh' ;) especially the ones in Sleek palettes! I'm a big fan of MUA palettes.


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