Friday, 31 August 2012

Nails Inc Cheyne Walk

We all come to expect great things from the brand Nails Inc, not only because of their salon price tag but for their gorgeous ever-expanding colour range, their semi-high end brand status, their celebrity recommendations and let's face it, they are usually great quality.

Unfortunately, Cheyne Walk didn't live up to those expectations, and this disappointed me to no end. In the bottle, it looks like my ideal colour - deep purple with a gorgeous gold undertone, and it's mirror metallic - what more could I possibly want?

First, allow me to address the description of this polish. It's advertised as 'mirror metallic', but I can't see my face in them, so I don't call it a mirror effect, so we can scrap that word. They only reflect light just as much as any metallic, even a matte polish, but it at least earns the name 'metallic'. 

It applies as all Nails Inc polishes do, the formula is not too thick. Actually, that's its downfall. With one coat, this was only translucent, very little colour transferred to the nail. I was really disappointed because with all the other Nails Inc products I've tried, I've found they could quite easily pass with one coat alone, but this was so poorly pigmented with only one coat. The following swatches are two coats but as you can tell, they're nowhere near as pigmented as the bottle displays, so even three coats would have been needed, but I've never found three coats of polish to dry in this century, so I gave up.

As you can see from my hand, it looks absolutely nothing like it does in the bottle. It's nowhere near a dark, rich purple. It's severely lacking the gold undertones the bottle shows up so beautifully. 

I took these photos after less than a day's wear, and I hope you can see (on my index finger mostly) how badly this has dented. It dried perfectly fine, so drying (or lack of it) wasn't a factor. It just looked a mess after a day.

I'm really disappointed with this polish, I always have such great reviews when it comes to Nails Inc, but thankfully this is the only one so far that I've had so many problems with. Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm setting my standards too high.

Do you have Cheyne Walk? I'd love to hear your opinions!

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