Saturday, 1 September 2012

Zombie August

I'm a sucker for photo-a-day challenges and August has been no exception. I decided to make my own photo challenge this month because although I'd loved the July Swamp Challenge, I didn't find some of the topics to be all that inspiring.

So it was called Zombie August and while nobody else participated, I quite enjoyed having a hashtag all to myself to put all my photos together, so I can look back on them for future reference!

New ♠ Legs ♠ Stairs 
Idol ♠ Night ♠ Destination
Fantasy ♠ Upside-Down ♠ Number
Window ♠ Purple ♠ Film
 Gothic ♠ Love ♠ Dinner 
Hands ♠ Texture ♠ Song
 Brush ♠ Funny ♠ Pet
Skyline ♠ Mood ♠ Screen
Myself ♠ Game ♠ Messy 
Book ♠ Tonight ♠ Nature

And finally, today's submission - Delicate.

I won't be doing another photo a day challenge for September because I'm going to be majorly busy this month, but who knows? Maybe October!

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  1. I love these kinds of posts :) So interesting to see how people interpret things :) xoxo


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