Monday, 6 August 2012

NYC Blue Rose: Show Orchid dupe?

I've had my eye on MAC's Show Orchid lipstick for months, and that's unusual for me because I'm not a lipstick kind of person, so I thought NYC Blue Rose, being £1.50, wouldn't be a huge price to pay to test it out. More to the point, I'm not a pink kind of girl either. Nothing in my wardrobe is pink except for a shirt I was given by a band. But when I saw MelonLady on YouTube wearing something similar to Show Orchid in her Download 2012 videos and I fell in love!

When I took this to the counter in Superdrug, the girl at the till even said 'oh these lipsticks are great!' and I left with a beaming smile on my face, I couldn't wait to try it out, even though I was a bit scared it would be too bright for me. Now I'm persuaded to try some more NYC lipsticks, if Blue Rose is anything to go by, they're bloody AMAZING.

It's the brightest hot pink I've seen yet, with gorgeous blue undertones that reflect to whiten the appearance of your teeth. Sorry if that's too many photos, I couldn't stop snapping it, it shines differently in every light and I still don't think I've captured the blue tones enough!

I was amazed how easy this was to apply, it appeared strikingly pigmented with only one swipe. I've found other drugstore lipsticks take at least four or five swipes but this was fully applied in a matter of seconds. That being said, quick application can often mean even quicker fading, but this wasn't the case. This lasted me a good four hours with only minimal fading, and while it left a crime scene on my straw (yes, I drink with straws at home, it makes me feel like I'm drinking in Subway when I'm on my sofa, is that weird?), there was only a faint difference on my lips.

Of course, I don't have any high end products such as MAC Show Orchid to make a direct comparison, and I'm sure the MAC one lasts longer and displays more of the blue undertones, but I think NYC Blue Rose is an amazing contender, and I'll be wearing this a lot more often once I've got used to the idea of reapplying lipstick throughout the day.

Unfortunately I can't comment on how well it survives on top of a lip liner as I don't own any just yet, but I'll be getting hold of one soon so I'll come back and update this post as and when!

As for the packaging, it's annoying that the tube is made so small that the entire stick doesn't fit into it, putting the lid on in a hurry makes a right royal mess, and I hate ruining new products. I'd been nice and careful with it myself, but then my mum got hold of it and smooshed it a bit. Don't you just love the word 'smooshed'?

Light Sides
- Beautifully pigmented with one swipe.
- Without a lip liner, stays on for a good 4 hours.
- No feathering whatsoever, a first for my lipstick collection!
- £1.50 - fantastic price for 3.4g of product.
- Minimal noticeable fading over 4 hours.

Dark Sides
- Packaging's a bit awkward.

Do you have either Blue Rose or Show Orchid? What's your view on dupes v MAC?


  1. Ive got this lipstick although I haven't found the right occasion to wear it out of the house yet! Is gorgeous! I love the NYC lipsticks. Might have to take a look at Show Orchid though...

    Great post sweet!

    Helen xxx

  2. Great post, I love how cheap they are and yet still good quality!
    Daniella x

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    lovely blog.
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