Thursday, 6 September 2012

Beauty Vs Brains Tag

(coincidentally this was my favourite series of Beauty and the Geek, the guy fourth on the top row always reminds me of Howard from Big Bang Theory!)

Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter (surely she needs no hyperlink?) did this tag in a video and I loved watching every minute of it, and believe me, there were 20 of them! I felt I had to do this tag as people in real life question why I'm a beauty blogger when I'm at university, as if beauty blogging requires zero brains... this tag is aiming to dispel that stigma!

1. Favourite Book?
I'm a Shakespeare addict and I'll never tire of Hamlet, and I'm aware that's a play, but I love it, every aspect of it is compelling. I love stories that double back on themselves and really make you question your own life choices. Hamlet as a character develops in a very complex way and it intrigues me to no end.

2. Favourite Quotation?
Another Shakespeare answer here, and it's from Twelfth Night - 'better a witty fool than a foolish wit'.

3. English or Maths?
Most definitely English. I always had straight As and A*s in English, I loved every single second of it. Maths, however, well I'm dyscalculia, I get numbers mixed up, but my teachers always assumed I was doing it on purpose and criticized me harshly for it. Teachers really do define how your entire school career affects the rest of your life, kids.

4. Science or Art?
I'd say Art because it was so much easier to express yourself in Art than Science, which was always a straightforward 'yes' or 'no' answer. Although admittedly I got a D in my GCSE Art, but once again, that was my teacher's fault, not mine, I know that for a fact.

5. 5 musical artists that changed your life?
1. The Used. Their music has saved my life countless times as a foolish teenager and a depressed adult.
2. My Chemical Romance for the same reasons as above. I adore bands that put their heart and soul into their lyrics because I find myself listening to the words more, if I can find a deep meaning in the words, I know they're a band worthy of my time. My Chemical Romance are no exception, you only have to listen to Famous Last Words to understand that.
3. Queen. I was born and raised on Queen and the influence Freddie Mercury has had on me is beyond words. I am the person I am today thanks to Freddie Mercury. Our dog's named after him. He's an icon and I have my whole life to thank him for. Brian May always has been and always will be, in my eyes, the greatest guitarist that ever lived.
4. Marilyn Manson got me into heavy makeup, and as you can tell, I've never got out of it. It's just great to know that someone else out there is as weird as me and he holds his head high. His music kept me going through my teenage years and while he isn't an advocate for pacifism, he helped me calm down a lot over the years.
5. Alice Cooper, as you may have seen on this blog before, has changed my life no end. Every one of his songs evokes a different emotion and while I'm left emotionally drained after listening to his albums, it's in the best way possible. He's also a fantastic man, he's helped numerous other musicians through their drink and drug problems, even himself, and while I don't exactly agree with his religious views, his faith has kept his career alive, and without his career, I wouldn't be half as confident in myself as I am now.

6. Favourite and least favourite subject at school?
Favourite was always English, least favourite was Maths, simple as that, my answer to #3 explains why!

7. Favourite celeb with a brain?
I adore Kenneth Williams because his sharp wit and intelligence made his comedy the funniest to come out of this country. His acidic personality made for great reading when I got hold of his diaries, reading how much he disliked the celebrities surrounding him compels me, and I love him not just as a person, but as an actor, a comedian, and even for his brief stint as a comedic musician.

8. If you could study anything anywhere, what would it be?
I'd study English Literature in Cardiff. I love Cardiff more than anywhere, and anyone from Cardiff will call me mad for that, but it was my idea of paradise as a kid and still is. Although I'm a History student, I love English literature just a little bit more!

9. What is your 'nerdy little secret'?
I'm supposed to have a nerdy little secret? I'm obsessed with Chinese communism, does that count? I'll explain this in question 12.

10. Favourite beauty gurus who you admire for more than their love for beauty/fashion?
I adore Grav3yardgirl for the pure and simple fact she's just like me, she's quirky and not afraid to be who she is on camera, she's confident, and she loves Hunter S Thompson!

11. If your channel couldn't focus on beauty/fashion, what would it be?
Well I don't have a channel but if my blog could focus on anything else, it would be music. I'd love to take music reviewing professionally and get involved with unsigned bands to get their names out there and help them into the big wide world! But that's a pipe dream, I can't see it happening because I don't know brainy music terminology!

12. Name some things that you're obsessed with that other people would find strange.
Chinese communism. Probably the most obscure obsession you've ever heard of, right? I love everything to do with it, I have a crazy kind of obsession with Mao Zedong, I know a little too much about his sleeping habits, I'm just fascinated with him. I covered a lot of the history in a module at university last year but it became more of a passion than a compulsory study, the political system interested me, and I'm always intrigued as to why communism failed in Russia but has maintained its iron grip on China.
Another is the Carry On movie franchise, particularly the most fantastic comedy actor this country has produced - Kenneth Williams.
I'm mad about the 70s, and people who lived through that era would probably think me crazy for it, but the social history is fascinating, the music, the political environment, the fashions, the technology, I'd give anything to time travel there.

13. Name 5 people who inspire you (not friends or family)
It's no coincidence all these are musicians, nay vocalists, but they've inspired me through their vocals, their lyrics and their personal perseverance to become better people through their music. 
Bert McCracken
Alice Cooper
Ozzy Osbourne
Gerard Way
Freddie Mercury

14. Who is your intellectual soulmate?
Probably Tim Burton. We both have quite obscure imaginations, when I studied scriptwriting, my script was as if it had popped out of Burton's mind. He's morbid and quirky and that's just me!

So that's it! And I tag alllllllllllllllllllll of you, because I enjoyed doing this tag so much I hope you will too!

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog & I think it's fab!

    Definitely going to have a go at this tag, it looks like a giggle!


    ~+ The Glambulance +~

  2. I was sure I'd commented on this! My laptop has been doing strange things. :(

    I love love love Hamlet! It's really intriguing and wonderful. I do want to strangle him at some points though! I chose to do it for my university coursework at uni last year, it's a fantastic play to write about.

    I've just done this tag on my blog, it's a really interesting one!

    1. Don't worry about it, mines been doing the same lately!

      Yeah it's a great play to write about but I can't say I'd have understood a word of Hamlet without studying it!

      Ooh I'm gonna go read yours now, is it weird I'm excited to see what you've written? XD


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