Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cheap Crypt: Primark Hand Gel

The Cheap Crypt has resurrected another great little bargain this week! Although it's not a beauty product, it's an essential if you, like me, travel around a bit and need to refresh yourself during the day.

I get strangely excited about hand sanitiser, and I'm very picky about what I put on my hands, they have to fit a strict criteria otherwise I'll refuse to use them. The categories are:
Consistency - You can't have a thick hand gel that never dries on you. That's the reason why I don't use hand creams, I need to feel back to normal immediately after using it, not sticky.
Scent - If it doesn't smell nice out of the bottle, why would you want it on your hands all day?
Taste - Anyone who's used a hand gel before will know that feeling of dread that washes over you when you realise you've touched your lips, and you eventually have to lick said lips and taste the chemicals.
I begrudge spending over a pound on hand gel, and I've tried a few bargain equivalents to see if they match up to this, but none ever do.

This Primark hand gel is only 50p! But how does it match up to my hand gel criteria?
The consistency of this Primark offering is just right, it spreads evenly and dries within seconds, leaving my hands nice and soft after. 
It smells slightly chemically but only for a brief few seconds while it's drying on my hands, and from then on I can smell nothing, so no horrible moments of putting my hands to my nose during the day and regretting it.
If I've accidentally put my fingers on my lips after using this, I can taste nothing. Hallelujah!

My only problem with this is the packaging - plastic bottles don't help you get out the dregs at the bottom when you're almost finished, I find myself smashing it quite violently against my hand to get any remaining product. Once Primark learn to put this in a squeezy tube, it'll be perfect!

I've yet to try the Soap and Glory hand sanitiser so that's next on my list, but which is your favourite hand gel?

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