Thursday, 20 September 2012

Just a quick natter...

At last, I've got my hands on my new laptop! I'm typing this from it now and already I'm noticing how great it really is. It's a little Samsung sub-notebook which has Windows 7 Home Premium and the biggest RAM I've found on an 11" laptop! Previous laptops have disappointed me because of the lack of Home Premium (is it really that hard for Starter to allow you to change a desktop background?!) and a decent hard drive, but this has both, so it's a great first impression. The chiclet keyboard is a strange one to get used to, despite the fact I've had two netbooks with chiclets before, this one is a lot more spaced out so I'm finding myself reaching further for the ' key or the caps lock, but that's just initial impressions and it'll doubtless change within a weeks usage.

I love getting new gadgets, don't you? It's that instant feeling when you can open the box and peel everything out of its plastic home, it's really exciting for me! 

The only thing I have left to find out about this laptop  is whether the battery lasts for me. I need something that's going to last over 3 hours in university so fingers crossed this one does.

What process do you go through when you get a new laptop? What's your instinct once it's all set up and ready to go? As it's fresh in my mind, I'll tell you what my process is now:
1. Change desktop background. God knows why, I just used a United Kingdom theme that came with the laptop but I couldn't stare at the Samsung logo much longer.
2. Install something OTHER than Internet Explorer, Google Chrome's my chosen browser but it does change on occasions. I have concerns about IE thanks to their latest security threats so I downloaded straight from my external hard drive.
3. Install iTunes. How else am I going to charge my iPhone? It was in the red this morning so I needed it updated as soon as. I also updated this straight from my external hard drive but surprisingly my old download had been for a 32-bit Windows, and this new laptop is 64-bit. Surprised doesn't cover it.
4. Delete unnecessary extra programs. The sooner this is done, the better, it gives them less time to collect and build up and slow the computer down.
5. Check out webcam. I'm not wearing any makeup today so no uploads sorry!
6. Install AVG Free. Okay, admittedly this should have been the first thing on my list, but I'm a bad person and I download iTunes and Google Chrome without virus protection. I put a lot of trust in the internet, as you can tell.
7. Blog about it! Yes, I came straight here to write about it!
8. Play Plants vs Zombies. Okay, can you blame me? My blog is zombie-related, I couldn't pass up this opportunity when I discovered the laptop came with a free trial. No doubt I'll end up buying the full version at some point, it looks addictive!

Of course, this is by no means the end of the road, I've got my photos, videos and of course, music to transfer. Documents, uni work, and I need to change the font size because a 64-bit screen squished down to 11" makes for teeny tiny text!

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  1. New follower to your blog and I love it :) I'm totally obessed with Plants vs. zombies. It's my favourite game on the iphone :)
    Beauty Fiends Blog

    1. Hey thanks for following! Haha it seems pretty addictive already, I'm dreading my free version running out! Going to check out your blog now :)

  2. I remember when I got the laptop I'm using at the moment, my it was a good day! I just spent the day installing unnecessary stuff like music and iTunes, new gadgets are the best!

    1. Hahahaha it's one of those great days when you get a new gadget, I swear I just install everything unnecessary before I even do anything useful with it :P xx

  3. Ah I wish I had a notebook for uni, my laptop does the job, but lugging it around when it's huge and so heavy just gives me backache!
    Your laptop looks all fancy and new *sigh*
    Daniella x

    1. Oh god I would never dream of carrying a notebook to uni! I just got lucky finding a netbook-size machine running Home Premium! xx

  4. Loving that you played Plants Vs Zombies when you got your new laptop - I did too! Hahaha. xo


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