Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Liebster Blog Award #5

I'll be honest, I seem to get so many of these and it's absolutely flattering, but I hope you guys and dolls don't think this is all my blog has become lately! The lovely Clara from Countess du Blush nominated me for this one, my fifth nomination so far, and if you haven't seen her blog already - where have you been? I'm shocked she has such little attention when her blog is so well organised and beautiful, her sense of style is gorgeous, sickeningly so, in fact. So without further ado, here are her questions, they're the most creative questions I've answered, so a massive thank you to Clara!

Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?
I tend to feel out of my own body when I'm in an argument, I don't feel like I have any control over what I say! I also have vertigo, so that's an out-of-body experience for me whenever I'm in a high place. As for any religious connotations, I'm not religious, so I have no comment on that side of it.

What is your favourite feature of yours?
I really like my eyes, and that's about the only thing about myself I wouldn't change. I have central heterochromia, if you hadn't already noticed, and while it makes it hard to find an eyeshadow that suits me, I love having eyes that strangers look at and compliment!

If your life was a film, who would you have portray you?
I'd love to have Rachel Weisz portray me, not because I'm anywhere near as beautiful as her, but I've always loved her acting style, especially in The Mummy.

If you could study any course at any college/university, what would you study?
I'd study scriptwriting. Of course, I'm studying History and I changed from English in my first semester, but I'd go back to English in a heartbeat, because the work wasn't really work to me, it was a pleasure and I adored my scriptwriting module! As for location, I want to live in Cardiff so Cardiff uni it would be!

You have five minutes to get ready: no makeup and done hair, or full-face and messy hair?
Full face and messy hair unfortunately, that's the hardest decision for me but I can't leave the house without my face being semi-presentable. It doesn't take me just five minutes to full-face it though. I wish it did.

What is your top quality in the opposite sex?
I love a man who likes my kind of music. Of course, me and my boyfriend have our differences, but because we like some of the same music it makes every second together so much more enjoyable, I value my music as a huge part of my life.

Favourite drink?
I love Dr Pepper. Nothing beats it. Nothing at all.

Favourite cartoon?
Could you count Spider-Man as a cartoon? I've always loved Marvel comics, I'm quite a comic book geek.

Most cringe-worthy moment?
I once bought a massive pack of tampons and the bag split on the high street, a stream of tampons flowed around my ankles. I didn't want to pick them up and watch everyone laugh at me, so I ducked down an alleyway and cringed to myself, then proceeded to buy some more and put them in a more secure bag.

Winter or Summer?
I adore winter, particularly the dark evenings when I can walk down from university in peace, it's lovely how so few people are out on the streets because it's so dark so early. I love wrapping up warm in a handful of hoodies, skinny jeans and Converses. Plus, winter means Halloween's just been, my favourite time of year!

Favourite trashy TV show?
I love me some Big Brother, I do. I've watched every series since it began on Channel 4, including all the spinoffs and celebrity editions. I just can't get enough of it, social experiments are my weakness.

Thanks again to Clara for these wonderful questions, and if you still haven't clicked on her link, go, off you trot, you'll thank me for it.

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  1. Oh no your embarrassing moment!! At least you can be comforted in the knowledge that almost every woman on Earth understands! Haha. I agree that I'd rather have my makeup on and messy hair. xo


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