Monday, 24 September 2012

MUA Glamour Nights Palette

I've waited way too long to get my hands on this beauty! As you all know, I'm a dark makeup enthusiast and this palette was just made for me. From crisp white to pure matte black, at first glance this has potential to create every possible look for an evening out, or for a person like me, every possible daytime look.

As is common in most MUA palettes, there is a combination of matte and shimmer shades here, and while I find matte shadows aren't always the most pigmented, the black and white here are exceptions. I bought these both in single form a few months ago because I thought I'd never get hold of this palette, but as you can see, here I am. I'm glad I've got a backup for both of them because they're staples for my everyday looks.

As for the matte grey, I don't think it'll be used that often, because even in swatches I couldn't get much pigment out of it, which is disappointing but as this is only one shade out of 12, it's not worth concerning yourself with.

I didn't have the highest hopes for shade 4, the shimmery silver, but as it transfers on the lid it's a great near-transparent shimmer, so if you want to highlight under your brows without putting another colour into the look and spoiling the effect, this is gorgeous!

Shade 6 is very similar to the brown shade found in the Undressed palette, but it has the looser texture of the paler brown in the Glitter Ball palette, the silver glitter makes this stand out a lot more on the lids but it does cause a problem to find other shades to blend with silver and brown.

I love shade 8, it's a gorgeous wearable gold, it's not brassy like the other golds MUA feature in their palettes, it's a lot more friendly and blendable. I've been using this a lot lately because it's kind to my pale skin tone, plus it complements the gold heterochromia in my eyes too.

I can't really insult shade 9, the deep green in this palette just because I have green eyes and it just doesn't suit, but I'm sure someone will find some use for it.

Now I still have my reservations about the purple, it's not the most pigmented because unfortunately it's matte, but it is a beautiful colour and when it's packed on, it's outstanding!

Can you believe that pink? It's so beautifully pigmented and I can see myself getting so much use out of this, not just through my recent Hallowed Hints post but the MUA blog also featured how to use this to make a deep smokey eye, so I'll be trying that out.

The final shade of this palette is a gorgeous cream which is a great highlighter, so this sets off the entire palette perfectly.

So for a glamorous night out, or even a glamorous day if you're adventurous like me, this palette has every colour you'd need to dress up and stand out. I personally would have liked a bright blue instead of the green, but the colours were chosen carefully with consideration for all eye colours, so I can't complain. I'd definitely throw this palette into my makeup bag if I were intending on changing up my look midway through the day for a night out, and I've got a lot of use out of it so far!

What's your favourite look for a night out?

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  1. this one is a keeper. i might order this the next time around! :D

    1. Definitely! I've been using it every day and haven't even made a dent, MUA strikes again!

  2. I love the colors on this palette their are really pretty and great for the fall. Thanks for charing :)

  3. Great palette! I have a few of the MUA palettes and they are great value.

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