Monday, 24 September 2012

An Apology And A Change Of Path

It seems like I'm forever apologizing to my lovely followers for being such a bad blogger. Moving house in a matter of days is consuming my life and what's more, the new house does not have a landline so it will take weeks to organise new broadband, so my absence will be extended even further.

The other major factor in my absence is my return to university studies tomorrow. I'm an academic through and through, and as such I prioritize my studies above everything else, as my second year at uni is more important given our first year was not marked towards our final degree. Not that I'm suggesting blogging is an unwelcome distraction, but when I'm lost in my studies I try not to deviate from them, I'm not the greatest multi-tasker in the world so it's either one or the other.

Alongside this, is the excuse of the season. As autumn rolls in and winter looms, I find my makeup to be a lot less creative and adventurous, I tend to stick to black eyeshadow and eyeliner and keep it as that, gold doesn't reflect the climate and Christmas cheer isn't my forte. EOTDs could get quite boring especially if none of my followers are keen on the half-dead look.

I do, however, spend obscene amounts of time on my makeup every morning, but as that's in a rush to catch a bus, I don't have time to take tutorial photos along the way. Also, as you can tell by this blog's dedication to budget brands, I'm not the richest chocolate in the box. On a student budget, it's hard to throw non-existent money at new beauty products, so I may resort to 'top five' and 'my favourite product' posts as opposed to new product reviews.

As such, I'll endeavour to blog more consistently on aspects of my life that change constantly, such as music, tech and my studies, but if anyone has any problems with that, then I could shift such content to another blog entirely and keep this one solely beautified.

While this is my personal blog and I should be able to do what makes me happy, I want input from you lovely followers of mine, just so I know I'm not upsetting anyone making changes because my life has nudged me onto a different path.

So as you can already tell, I'm the queen of excuses, so I can do nothing more than apologise and hope you all don't hate me for disappearing off the radar for a few weeks, I promise I haven't forgotten about you, I'll be keeping updated with my blog feeds as always!

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  1. Babe school should be at the top of your list blogging is cool and very interesting, but school is very important. Whenever you have time to write a post I'll be there to read it. Blogging should be about what you like and it reflects who you are as a person. You're are smart and pretty, so make your readers proud by getting great grades :)

    1. Oh also you don’t need to have expensive cosmetics the low cost ones also look awesome. :)

  2. I think if that's the direction that you want to take your blog in then that's your decision and no one can complain about that. I know I'll be ridiculously busy when uni comes up again, which is why I've been creating a lot of draft posts as of late so that I've got lots to post already (without having to make a post on the day I want to post it!) - it means that when I have spare time I'll make a few posts in one, so maybe that might be something you'd like to try? Good luck with uni and I'll keep reading whatever you choose to do. :) xo

  3. I'm going to have the exact same problem when I go back to uni next week, don't worry about it! I'll happily read whatever you choose to post, and variety is always good anyway. Good with going back to uni!

  4. School should be top of the list! On a smaller scale I'm finding it hard to juggle everything, I've started college and I have a job, balancing all that, a social life and a blog - man that's tough! Stick to weekend blogging, guest posts or just scheduling a lot at once. That's how I cope. Good luck with the move and Uni! :) xo

  5. I have tagged you in the Liebster blog award, I think you might have already done it but just wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog!
    Katherine xxx


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