Monday, 1 October 2012

Back To University Haul - Primark and New Look

The smallest of hauls this time but it deserves its own post! After my student loan came through, I desperately needed some retail therapy to keep me going and so I don't look like I'm still wearing the same things I wore last semester!

I featured this Guns N Roses top in a haul a few months back but I bought it in the wrong size so I had to return it. Ever since, I've been scouring the rails every time I've been in to see if my size was coming in, and finally it was! I love the fit on this now, plus I love GnR!

The one thing I haven't replaced in the time I've been at uni was my purse. I'd been so attached to my old one which I'd had for years, but I've finally replaced it with this gorgeous black studded number. I'm a sucker for black, and I'm a sucker for studs, plus for £4 there's nothing to complain about! This is the purse version of the studded clutch everyone's been raving about, but as I'm not a clutch kind of girl (I thought bags were intended to free up your hand, not force you to carry it!), I went for the purse, and I'm happy I did. I've been used to having a separate compartment for cards and change so I'll be enjoying getting to know this bad boy!

I'd seen black American Apparel-esque hoodies in Primark before but as they didn't have any today, I ended up in New Look and I actually found a better one for £14.99. The fabric on this is a lot better, it's warmer and more comfortable, I own a blue version of the Primark ones and its really uncomfortable, the metal zip is clunky and when it accidentally rubs past my arm, it sends shivers through me. I'm glad this one has a coated zip and it's so comfortable, plus it's in a better size for me so I'm super happy!

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  1. Love the hoody and purse, I already own the GnR vest :)! xo

  2. Ooooh, I want that purse!

  3. I was actually looking at that purse today :)X

  4. The purse is beautiful! I want! I need a new purse too. Snap!!
    Mia x


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