Monday, 22 October 2012

Bourjois Liner Feutre 24Hr: Review And Swatches

As the title of this blog suggests, I'm a sucker for eyeliner. Big and bold, that's my motto. My quest for finding the 'ideal' eyeliner wasn't without trouble, however, and this Bourjois offering is just one that I had to defeat on said quest. I'd always loved their liner pinceau until I discovered something waterproof, but I thought given this advertises itself as 24 hour wear, what could go wrong? 

What's that I hear? 'Felt liners are incredible', I hear you cry? Well perhaps you've had a better experience than I. 

My main issue with Bourjois is the fact that their eyeliners (and possibly their whole range, I haven't given them the time of day to actually check) are not sealed in stores. So it ends up being a race to the back of the shelf to find the one that nobody would have dared to open and test out. As I said, I bought their liquid liner for a few years and every so often I'd buy a new one and end up chucking it straight in the bin because it made my eyes sting. There's a serious hygiene issue that needs to be addressed here, and it's frustrating that people like me still fall for it because we want to think the product is worth the risk.

No product is worth endangering your health over. I'm lucky to have never had a serious reaction to any product, but others aren't so lucky, so why take the risk?

Take one look at this swatch. What do you see wrong with it?
1. Half the star didn't even draw on. Takes a long time to bring the product to the tip.
2. It's jumpy and smudgy. For a felt tip, I'd expect a smoother line.
3. It's fat. REALLY fat. That's the normal thickness of the felt tip if you want any liner to transfer whatsoever.

Sure, it's pigmented once you press hard, the Ultra Black claim is acceptable, but what good is a well pigmented colour if it takes a serious amount of pressure to even transfer?

As for wear time, this takes roughly half an hour to transfer to my upper lid, even though it was dry to the touch.

I have so many complaints about this product that I actually keep it in my drawer just so I can pull it out every once in a while and insult it. To it's face.

I realise I've asked a lot of rhetorical questions in this review, purely because you can see for yourself that this isn't a product that's worth the £4.99 price tag. I'd personally much rather spend £1 on the MUA liquid eyeliner which I reviewed here, but it's all down to preference.

Have you tried this? What's your favourite felt liner?

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  1. I thought I was the only one to insult products by keeping it. I had an Essence felt liner, before I even got round to actually take pictures and swatch it, it went moldy. Story of my life.

    1. Haha definitely not alone, I prefer keeping them and leaving them there to feel the shame. Personifying cosmetics is perfectly normal(!)
      Moldy?! That's mental! It's weird how I see so many people raving about felt liners because they're easier to use than liquid, but from this experience I'd rather spend time getting it right with a liquid than struggle with a useless felt! x

  2. This is a shame, I expected more from Bourjois! Although I absolutely love the Collection felt-tip liner so if you havent tried it already you should :-)


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