Monday, 22 October 2012

Hallowed Hints: Making Halloween Part One

As an advocate of all things Halloween, you'd expect me to go all-out and decorate my entire house inside-out, wouldn't you? Well as a matter of fact, the rest of my family don't share my enthusiasm, so my celebrations are limited to subtle additions and moderations such as small decorations I can safely stow away in the privacy of my room. As the day is drawing ever closer, I thought it would be a good way of getting myself back into the swing of blogging by sharing my Halloween alterations with you!

As the proud writer of a blog dedicated to budget brands, I have nothing but budget decorations to show you here, so if you're on the lookout to save yourself a few pennies this Halloween, look no further!

I'm always raving about Poundland's bargains and this post is no exception. Halloween is my favourite time of year for shopping and year after year, Poundland never fails to impress me. From children's costumes to full-scale door decorations, there really is something for everyone, and I can't leave the store without at least one Halloween beauty each time!

I'm a lover of drink straws. I have stacks upon stacks of them and believe it or not, I have a different straw to match my every mood. These novelty Halloween straws come in packs of 8 for £1 and they're perfect for cheering up this big kid, plus the little skeleton's limbs are jointed so he dances around when you shake him - what more could you want from a straw, seriously?

We come to associate tinsel with Christmas, right? Well why can't we have Halloween tinsel too? For £1, this is an incredibly long ream and I have it dangling over my cupboards in my room. I love how they added a stitch on the skulls' foreheads!

There really is an extensive range of decorations in all Poundlands right now and I can't show you everything, but these are just the highlights for me. This is only part one, I have a few more to share with you but I'm afraid it may turn into a photo-spamarific post!

What Halloween decorations do you have?

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  1. My family don't share my enthusiasm either. :(

    I will have to pay a visit to Poundland at some point! I love that straw, haha. I haven't bought a lot of Halloween stuff this year! I have ordered some tarantula moulds to make tarantula chocolates though!

  2. I love all the Halloween decorations around at the moment, I stock up and use them to decorate my room all year round! :) xo


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