Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Halloween!

It disappeared as fast as it arrived, didn't it? Anyway, as I don't have much spare time these days, have a quick post to show you how I celebrated this Halloween! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have already seen my hype and incessant photos, but just in case you didn't catch them, here we go!

Yesterday I wanted to play around with styles, kind of incorporating Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas with Black Veil Brides and a bit of the Joker too. I'm impressed the contouring worked out the way I'd hoped, it was a scary experience hoping with every brush stroke that I hadn't ruined the entire look!

I remembered seeing a Youtube tutorial which referenced shading around the stitches around a mouth, simple lines aren't quite as effective, and I think it adds a bit more 'edge' to it. I also attempted to make the lips pursed and doll-like by only applying lipstick in the centre, but these photos were taken about half an hour after I'd applied it and I have a habit of pursing my lips and ruining it!

Products Used:
Poundland White Face Paint
MUA Lipstick in Shade 13
MUA Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
Collection 2000 Gel Liner in Black
MUA Mono Shadow in Shade 20 Matte


All Hallows Eve - On the way home today, I grabbed myself some leather trousers and hair crimper and set off for an hour long adventure in front of the mirror. Call me vain, it's for my entertainment!

I'm strangely in love with crimped hair. It's all bouncy and textured and fluffy, it's taking a lot of self-control to not pull the crimper out tomorrow morning for lectures...

As you all must know by now, I love Alice Cooper. And my homage is in no way perfect but I love pulling faces with this makeup on, it's really sinister! 

As you can tell, this is my happy face!

Products Used:
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in Ivory
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair
MUA Professional Eye Primer
Collection 2000 Gel Liner in Black

When I went in the shower, I wanted to truly test this look. You've probably noticed I call myself Alice when I come out of the shower because of my mascara running down my cheeks, so this would be the genuine examination of how to create 'a real Alice' look on purpose.

Using those photos as 'before' sections, here's the 'after' shower look (prepare yourself, this isn't a fantastic sight):

See a difference? No, me neither. Absolutely watertight eyeliner right there. It takes some scrubbing off too, I'll tell you that! If you're happy looking like an overworked coal miner for days after, then feel free to use the Collection 2000 gel liner!

In other Halloween celebrations...

Our family decorations finally came out of their dusty cupboard, and here's my beautiful Jack, the Pumpkin King. Is it just me or does his sign say 'trick or twat'? Just me? Okay...

This lovely table decoration from Poundland made a great (if crooked) centerpiece for the sweets we bought, no trick or treaters turned up so more for me!

Boo! Sorry about the glare, that pumpkin light really is so bright!
Boo! Ghost: Poundland
Pumpkin Light: Wilkinsons £6.

How was your Halloween?

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  1. Wow your make up looks fab! I wish I had the time/patience or even skills to do this :) xx

  2. Wow I love the looks here, the first one is really amazing :) How cute is the little boo ghost, good ol' Poundland :)


  3. You look ace! I love it. I am going to have get my hands of some of that miracle liner right there! :) We didn't get any tick or treaters either. Alice Cooper must've scared them off. :) Happy Halloween, lovely! Your looks are the best I've seen!
    Mia x


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