Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Magical Mystery Haul

I feel like all I'm doing on this blog now is haul posts! Although this is quite a collective haul because every time I organised a post for a haul, I'd gone out and bought more! I have no justification, just that I have a spending problem and a lot of things I like to tell myself I 'need'...
First off, Superdrug.
What's a budget beauty blogger to do when she comes across a 3 for 2 offer on all makeup? Fill her boots, of course!
Of course, what I didn't anticipate when I chose these three products was their 'photographability'. 
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you - the three most difficult products to photograph in the world EVER.

(See what I mean? None of them wanted to be photographed properly. The rubbish lighting doesn't help, I'll admit.)

(And again, the lighting just failed me with this one)
NYC Natural Eyelashes 973 Black - £1.99
Auto adhesive it claims. You know when you get a new bank card in the post and it's stuck to the letter with that awesome glue that you peel off and play with? That's the glue on these lashes. Good job I have a bottle from previous lashes, however I am a serious newbie to falsies so I hope I'll learn how to wear these!

(And this one has the world's most awkward name colour that plays havoc with my camera's contrast!)
Collection (2000) Glam Crystals Gel Eyeliner in Hustle - £2.99
Inspired of course by Leona Lewis' look on the X Factor a few weeks back, I just had to have this, although when I'll ever use it is a different matter entirely!

(The king of rubbish photos, whoever made a transparent glass jar/bottle/pot needs whacking over the head with a camera)
Barry M Base Coat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener £2.99
Yet to be tested out but I can find myself using this so much as I've never had a base coat, top coat, or a nail hardener for that matter!

Then came New Look... I'm just grateful I had a 25% off voucher or I'd have spent tooooo much in here...

Black Studded Buckle Biker Boots - £29.99
I've been wearing my Converse XX Hi for a little too long now and I've been yearning after biker boots, so I finally got me some new beauties!

Black Wedge Ankle Boots - £24.99
I'm going out next week and I was in dire need of some heels, but I can't walk in them, so wedges were my best bet!

Kelly Brook Black Metallic Twist Grecian Dress - £39.99
You might remember this dress from my last Instaweek post, and you guessed it, I bought it the next day. I couldn't stop thinking about it and the 25% off made it irresistible!

Onwards and upwards, if you're still reading! Onto Primark...

Black PU Studded Biker Jacket - £25
Yeah, I seem to have a problem with black leather and studs. If it weren't in fashion and so readily available, I'd be watching Alice Cooper videos and pining like a puppy, but now I've got a complete Alice outfit! Bring on next Halloween!

If you've ever walked into TK Maxx, you'll understand the feeling, you hear your purse screaming from inside your bag, pleading with you to stop looking at the rails and walk straight out. As you can tell, I didn't listen to the screams.

Jack's Girlfriend Buttercream Check Shirt - £19.99
Why have I never heard of this brand before? Sadly, I am not Jack's girlfriend. But if it means I get nice clothes, I shall have to hunt down this Jack...

David and Goliath Pyjama Pants - £9.99
Easily my favourite buy. You'll see why from this close-up...

Your eyes do not deceive you. Those are zombees. ZOMBIE. BEES. I am in love. There are no words.

Marina Galanti Purse - £7.99
It's come as a sort of ritual whenever I'm near a TK Maxx that I have to look for a new purse. I get easily aggravated by purses, so I need a new one quite regularly. This little gem made me smile purely because it's not real leather - veggies rejoice!

And for the grand finale, well it's grand for me, I spent forever at the makeup counter deciding which NYX palette to take home. I settled with this...

NYX Purple Smokey Look Kit - £5.99
I wear purple eyeshadow a lot. I hear good things about NYX. It was cheap. It has a mirror in the lid. It has a gorgeous matte black. Well, what more could I ask for? 

I'll be reviewing this one properly as soon as I get the time, I've already been dipping my fingers in and ruining the pans for photographing but I was too eager to wait for decent lighting!

And at last we've come to the end of the seemingly endless haul! My bank account is weeping to itself and my room is bursting at the seams with new things, but the question is...

What have you bought lately?

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