Monday, 19 November 2012

OOTN: Summer will end and the leaves will turn again...

Don't you just love badly-lit photos from the pub toilet? Class is hard to find, girls...

It's a few days late but I'd be a bad blogger if I didn't do an OOTN for my first night out this year.

Thursday night was good. Not as good as we all expected, but that can be attributed to indecisiveness as a group and none of us were really in the mood for drinking. Perhaps we'd eaten too much in Ask Pizza beforehand, perhaps we were conscious of wasting a lot of money, perhaps it was just too busy that night, or perhaps none of us were up for going to clubs.

Thankfully though, everyone told me beforehand, 'you'll have so many guys hitting on you', and not a single man approached me. I say thankfully, because at least I was saved the embarrassment of avoiding drunken males.

Unfortunately for the sake of the blog, I didn't get any photos of my makeup. But if I do find time to attempt it again, I'll be sure to document it.

Highlight of my night? Didn't fall over in my heels. Not once. Not even a wobble. Proud of my centre of gravity, I am.

What's your funniest night out story?

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