Monday, 3 December 2012

Instaweek #14

1. It's been a year since I started up my Instagram, and this is how much I've changed. Not much, admittedly, I've just learnt how to use concealer and fill in my eyebrows.
2. Champagne and strawberry gateau - if you haven't tried this, get down Iceland nooow!
3. Shameless self photo... okay, maybe just a little bit of shame.

4. My new favourite top and I haven't even had chance to wear it yet!
5. Testing out my new Too Faced eyeshadow and it's bee-ee-ay-you-tiful!
6. My advent calendar is better than yours!

I apologise profusely for the lack of posts, it's not that I'm short of ideas, not by any means, but I've just got no time until the 11th, as I have 3 essays to finish by this time next week, 2000 words each. So yeah, I'd say I'm swamped by uni work, but nothing I can't handle with a little help from chocolate and fizzy drinks.

On another note, I'm going to a meeting on Tuesday about possibly doing a paid work placement in... you guessed it (well, you probably didn't), China. It's something I've been contemplating doing but hopefully this works out, then I can actually do something with my life besides study. 

How's your week been?

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