Monday, 26 November 2012

WU Hstry: A Not-So-Brief History of Makeup

If I hadn't already mentioned here, I'm a contributor for my university's history blog, WU Hstry. The theme for this month was the history of artifacts, and of course, being me, I took the opportunity to base my post around what I know.

I warn you now, there are a multitude of different colours of text, but as I'm so used to Blogger, Wordpress was a brand new shiny sandbox and I was having too much fun playing with every different feature... even though there are the same, if not more, right here on Blogger. Plus there are a few photos you might recognise from this 'ere blog, so you can all feel right at home!

I'll be posting again in February on the subject of environmental history, specifically the Chinese Cultural Revolution. I'm a modern historian and I specify in Chinese history, so future un-themed posts will be on that topic.

So here's the link to the post, hope you guys like it and feel free to comment and subscribe if this is something you're interested in!

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