Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Beauty Resolutions For 2013

This idea couldn't be more apt for me, considering I started this blog in April of this year and this time last year, I was using Rimmel eyeshadows I'd grabbed in pound shops, blindly splashing out on a Bourjois eyeliner that I knew wasn't great but I couldn't be bothered to search for better, and not even wearing mascara. 2012 has been a momentous year for changes in my beauty routines and I hope to make even more drastic changes in 2013!

♠ Wear blusher.
I own three blushes. Just three. I know that might surprise you, but I've always found I'm too pale and blusher makes me look super embarrassed, and I don't like looking embarrassed. This year, I hope I can get around to pulling out a blusher and learn how to use it properly.
♠ Wear red lipstick more.
This is something I've brought up on Instagram lately, I wear red lipstick in my profile pictures but I'm too scared to wear it outdoors for fear of it quickly ending up either on my teeth or, frankly, anywhere other than my lips. I do love wearing red lippy even though I feel a bit slutty and much like an extra in Priscilla Queen Of The Desert!
♠ Stop overdoing my eyebrows.
I have no excuse for this, I just take one look at my brows and go 'they're brown, my hair is black, my eyebrows must be black' and then overfill them with too much black eyeshadow, to the point they resemble caterpillars separated at birth.
♠ Try out some more trends.
For example, I've still not purchased a Revlon lip butter. I keep getting left behind with trends and I always feel silly catching the bandwagon when it's as good as bolted.
♠ Wash my brushes more often.
This should be happening once a week, but it isn't. This will change.
♠ Buy a high-end product.
I've still not bought a single thing from a high-end brand other than No.7 before and I hope this will change this year, perhaps a Kat Von D palette will fall into my possession by some miracle?

♠ Cut my fringe.
I have a nasty habit of leaving my fringe unattended for weeks and it merges in with the rest of my hair.
♠ Spend less time doing my hair.
Admittedly this is going to be pretty hard to keep up with because I crimp my hair and that takes half an hour anyway, but I could leave the irons on it for less time and save myself a lot of time in the morning.

♠ Actually paint my nails.
I very rarely paint my nails because my parents hate the smell of the polish, and I don't fancy sitting outside in the rain and wind painting them instead. 

♠ Buy some wet look leggings.
I invested in pleather panel trousers around Halloween this year and they haven't been the same since they went in the wash, mainly because the panels have lost their elastic, but I love them and I think it's about time I grabbed myself some better quality ones.
♠ Invest in better skinny jeans.
All this year, I've lived off a dozen pairs of Primark super skinny black jeans, which was all well and good until the elastic gave way in most of them and I now own only one wearable pair. I was more than happy to repurchase until I discovered Primark now only stock ultra soft skinnies instead of jeans, so I have to brave the high street and find an alternative, and try not to be offended by the higher price tag.

♠ Blog more!
I've really been bad with my consistent posting in recent months, I've slightly lost my blogging mojo but I'm slowly gaining it back by writing up a few favourites posts, so watch this space!
♠ Get a good camera.
I realise my photographic work on my blog isn't up to speed with everyone else, but that's because I'm still using my iPhone 3GS. If anyone has any recommendations for good digital cameras under £150, they'd be much appreciated!
♠ Find more new blogs and comment more.
I'm always shy when it comes to finding new blogs and commenting to let them know I appreciate their work, silly I know but I have every intention of snapping out of it in 2013!
♠ Get involved with the #bbloggers Twitter talks.
I really enjoyed them when I used to take part, but I lost the organisation to get involved each week!

Now I've got these resolutions written in stone (cyber stone, at least), I can come back next year and see if I've achieved them. I always find if I have to refer back to my new years resolutions, then they clearly didn't meant that much to me in the first place, but fingers crossed!

What are your beauty resolutions for 2013?

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  1. what 3? I have 2 souffle blush and a powder blush, now that those 2 souffle blush expired/dried on me, I only left with one! I still think 3 blushes is reasonable but a beauty blogger with 1 blush? unacceptable, lol! Happy New Year to you!

    1. Haha I have three MUA blushes, two plain and one mosaic, but I just don't like pink enough to want to have some of it on my face :P That's true, blush is pretty essential to blogging, I'll get my motivation to wear them someday! Happy New Year :D x

  2. I keep saying that I need to start using blusher too! I'm on the lookout for a cheap blush brush but the MUA ones are out of stock at the moment. :(

    The camera that I use is this one: I really like it! I can be a bit annoying with not picking up colours sometimes but overall it's a great camera for the price. :)

    1. Haha I doubt I'll even get around to it, I'm too heavy handed! It's good to see that MUA are doing well with selling their brushes though :) Oooh I like that camera, seems great for the price too, thank you soooo much for that, I'll bung that in my favourites and keep it in mind when my student loan comes through! xx

  3. Great resolutions! When youre trying blusher go for peach / soft pinks at first cos it suits us pale gals most :) xox

    The Style Khaleesi

    1. Oh thank god for you, I've been panicking over what shade was good for us pale girls, bright pinks are so tempting in the pan but so scary! Seriously thank you so so much! Xx


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