Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 - The Zombie Reminisces

It's been a hell of an emotional ride for me this year, it's a year I'll definitely never forget, both for its good and bad times. If you're at all interested, here's a recap of everything that's happened in my 2012, accompanied by only the best photo memories from Instagram.

In January, I started using the Babyliss Wave Envy I was given for Christmas, and I was to use it every day for the next 10 months. I also started my BA in History after spending my first semester on an English degree. I was beyond excited but absolutely petrified at the same time. I discovered my calling - Chinese history. 

In February, I got my Converse XX-Hi, which quickly became my trademark. It snowed.

In March, I began reading beauty blogs. Some girls have been reading them all their teenage lives, but I discovered them very late. I was captivated by the way bloggers pass on their beauty tips with a personal slant, and I knew I'd love to do it myself. I went to Oxford for the first family day out of the year.

In April, I started Zombies Wear Eyeliner. To this day, I don't know quite what made me choose that name, but it just stuck. I wrote ghastly jokey post titles.

In May, I sat the exams that were to determine whether I was right for a History degree. Turns out I was.

In June, I went to Download Festival and had the greatest weekend of my life so far. I came ridiculously close to my idol Ozzy Osbourne, watched my favourite bands perform my favourite songs. I stayed up eating cheesy nachos at 2am, was woken up at 8am by someone blasting Rick Astley on a speakerphone, heard 'JESUS CHRIST FENTON' shouted more times than I care to remember and waded through mud like there was no tomorrow. I painted my face as Starchild and the Demon from KISS and some Spanish girls asked to take a photo with me. I started wearing bandanas. Oh dear. I turned 20. I marked a year since Ryan Dunn's passing.

In July, I avoided the Olympics hype. But I wore a lot of things with the Union flag on. I watched every single day of the Tour de France coverage and watched Bradley Wiggins make history. I tried to teach myself Italian. It didn't get very far.

In August, I made my own Instagram photo-a-day challenge and I learnt never to try that again. I met my cousin for the first time. I had a fantastic summer of adventures around the local area.

In September, I moved house. I started my second year at university. I became more confident, spreading my wings on Twitter and writing my first guest post.

In October, my world fell apart. My year long relationship came to an end. I threw myself into blogging. I did nothing for Halloween. I walked up the A34 when our bus got stuck in traffic. I turned my attentions to Gangnam Style. I began crimping my hair and haven't looked back since. 

In November, I saw my first Bond movie at the cinema, Skyfall, and loved every second. I went for my first night out in the entire year, and I didn't fall over wearing heels. I attempted to put on false lashes and failed, I resolved never to try again. I ditched my hoodies and Converse for biker boots and a biker jacket. I met the most amazing friends I could ever ask for.

In December, I had the most disappointing advent calendar. I waved goodbye to a massive part of my life. I tolerated all the Christmas decorations. I left two 2000 word essays to the last minute, never again. I made a new start and I taught myself to never look back in anger.

Sure, I've made mistakes this year, who hasn't? But this time I've learnt from them and I'm gradually becoming a better person for it. I have so much planned for 2013 and I can't wait to get stuck in! Can you?

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