Friday, 18 January 2013

Liebster Award #6!

Number 6?! I never thought I'd get one of these, let alone 6! I love this award, it's so much more personal when you can ask personalised questions to your nominees, my priority with my blog is to keep it personal and make sure everything I write has my unique spin on it.
So a massive thank you to Kirsty, the one and only Style Khaleesi (congratulating myself for spelling that right without even looking ;)) for nominating me and asking the greatest questions!
I won't do the 'random facts about me' section because I've done it before (and let's be honest, I can't think of 1 random thing about me, let alone 11), but I'll answer Kirsty's questions riiiiiight now:

1. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I love just writing and not having to hold back on anything. As I said, I like to make things personalised, so I just say it how it is, and hopefully people like this blog for that very reason! 

2. Are you a shoe or a bag girl?
To be honest, I'm not really either. I'm not really a girl haha! I used to have more bags than shoes though, but I grew out of that phase when I stopped rolling in my parents money.

3. Would you rather have jelly tots for fingernails or long strings of marshmallows for hair?
Have to be the marshmallow hair. Anyone remember Flumps? I'd love to have hair like that. Sure, it'd suck when it rains, but doesn't it always when you've spent hours making your hair awesome?

4. Who is the sexiest guy ever ever ever?
Ever ever EVER, you ask? Tough question. I'd have to say Johnny Depp, because he's just pure beauty in human form.

5. What product do I need to try in 2013?
Hmmm... my money's on the Maybelline Color Whisper lipsticks, I reckon they're going to surprise us this year.

6. Horror or romance films?
I watch more romance films but I enjoy horrors so much more after, they really give you something to think about!

7. Batman, Superman or Spiderman? I will judge you on this.
Judge away Kirsty, I can't even lie on this one, I mention it too often on my blog! Spider-Man all the wayyyy, but either the original comic book Peter Parker or Tobey Maguire, I can't adjust to Andrew Garfield, I just don't think he's right. Sorry not sorry!

8. Dogs or cats? I'll judge you on this too.
I'm almost afraid to answer this because I love both, but I've had dogs in my house all my life, so dogs it is!

9. If the zombie apocalypse strikes, what 3 beauty items would you want with you?
Every day is the zombie apocalypse in this 'ere graveyard. But the essentials are green face paint, fake blood and black eyeshadow. It's all about blending in, after all. They won't attack if they think I'm one of them.

10. And what outfit would you want?
Further to the blending in method, I want Michael Jackson's costume out of the Thriller video. You know, camouflage is the key. They wouldn't think anything different...

11. And most importantly, would you survive?
This is Zombies Wear Eyeliner, of COURSE I survive, I'm one of them already!

Such appropriate questions, Kirsty! Thanks again for the nomination, I think 6 is enough now, don't you guys? 

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  1. I'd rather have jelly-tot fingernails. I already eat my fingers, so this would just be an added perk.

  2. Great post sweetpea! Thank you for doing it :) Id rather have jelly tots for fingernails! xox

    The Style Khaleesi

  3. I think Andrew Garfield is much better than Toby, little old Toby was too dreary! Garfield is so much cooler! (sorry, don't judge me!) I much prefer Batman! The Joker is phenomenal and Batman is fab fab fabity fab.
    Mia x

  4. I almost nominated you for the Liebster award :') x


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