Saturday, 19 January 2013


Unless you've been locked inside a very dark room, or you don't live in the UK, you'll know it's been snowing here. A lot. Now I don't mind snow when I haven't got to wade through it to get to school, college, uni etc., so thankfully today was my day off uni, so for the first time I could finally enjoy the white blanket that seems to bring the entirety of the UK to a standstill.

I love living in a chocolate box village, everything looks so pretty!

Trying to capture the depth of the snow through how far Freddie has sunk through the snow! 

Now I know why I love leather gloves so much - my hands weren't the slightest bit cold even after throwing numerous snowballs at Mummy Zombie... wish I'd had these as a kid!

Milestones are perfect platforms for the worst snowmen. Made by Ali, age 20 1/2.

Me and Mummy Zombie also shovelled the ice off the driveway and I now have an obscure bruise on the back of my hand. Sexy!

All I'm concerned about now is how long this is going to stick around, because this next week at uni is pretty important, and if they hold off public transport any more, it could screw with work quite a bit. But I'm remaining positive for now and enjoying it while it lasts!

What did you get up to in the snow?

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  1. It all looks so pretty! I need some leather gloves, I think my fingers might fall off if I tried to make a snowman in mine!

    I'm also blaming the title of this post for me decided to go out in the snow to the car to retrieve my Black Sabbath CD. :P

  2. Puppy! CUTE :D



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