Sunday, 13 January 2013

The History Of The Zombie (pic heavy)

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I'm sure you've all been thinking to yourself, 'well she definitely wasn't born looking like a zombie', and you're right, I wasn't. I've gone through an awful lot of changes, mostly in the hair department, and despite my dignity, which I was lacking in the first place, I thought it was a great idea to show you them.

First, I'd like to apologise, I'm not always wearing makeup in these photos, and in a lot of them, it shows. I'm also not always smiling, I hate people taking photos of me. I'm mostly posing with one of the family pets, so feel free to admire the dog's hair instead.

Ali Zombie, age 10
Oh my. This was taken before I dyed my hair for the first time, and clearly before I realised middle partings weren't cool! I must've started wearing makeup at this age too. 

Age 11
It's the worst quality photo known to mankind, but I *had* to show you. LOOK AT THOSE TROUSERS. I was going through a flares phase, I loved them damn trousers, I wore them bloody everywhere.

Age 12
When I first dyed my hair, I went all out. Bright red. Got in there before Rihanna, of course.

Age 14
My favourite place in the world - Cardiff Bay. Still not realised that middle partings weren't cool.

Age 15
The time when I thought it was clever to bleach my hair and end up with yellow and ginger locks. Tasty.

Age 15
Must've loved that hoodie, I've worn it a lot! 
This is the phase me and my parents affectionately call the 'Lennon' phase. Y'know, the dark hair, the mysterious sunglasses, the refusal to smile for a photo with bronze hippos...

Age 16
My school prom. I turned up in my dad's friend's Mustang and it roared like a beauty. My hair also became an odd brown.

Age 17
Back to black. Still wearing the bright blue flared jeans.

Age 18
One of my friends at college backcombed my hair. I stuck with it. I didn't always dress like this, FYI, it was a St Trinians themed day. I think if I look close enough I can see my nails were painted with Tipp-Ex. Oh lordy.

Age 19
Scrunching my hair with mousse. I never liked my hair straight anyway, I've always been happier looking windswept and bedraggled, a la Stig Of The Dump.

Age 19
The majority of my hair was still black but I got tired of dying my roots black, so I decided red/purple was totally the answer. No, it wasn't.

Age 20
When the black came back properly, and the big wavy hair took a stand, literally. Oh, and the bandana phase kicked in. Mötley Crüe just found their missing band member.

Present Day
Then the hair crimper came out, and it hasn't been retired since.

I've changed an awful lot in my life, I can see that now. When something traumatic or life-changing happens to me, I like to also change something about my appearance. Break-ups are my main catalyst for change, which have caused me to break free of my bright blue flared jeans and also my different hair styles. I find it much easier to comprehend the events that have happened when I can look in the mirror and see a changed woman looking back at me.

So that's it! Thanks for tolerating the picspam and I hope this was informative, and don't forget - zombies aren't born zombies, we just adapt.

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  1. I love posts like this - it's always interesting to see how people have changed over time! xxx

    1. Haha I've loved reading them before, I just can't believe I've put these ancient photos up! XD xxx

  2. Tip ex as nail polish, oh my x

    1. Pahahaha one of those mistakes I'll just never live down :P xx

  3. I went through the flared jeans stage too. Unfortunately at the time I was about 4'7 so you can imagine what it must have looked like! This is a really interesting post idea!

    1. Haha proves how cool we are, we went from flares to skinnies! God I wasn't that far off that height too, I can't believe I walked out the house like that let alone to another bloomin' country! xx

  4. Great post and you are very pretty :)


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