Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Back To University Wishlist

I realised after my first day back at uni that I'm in desperate need of a diary, as this semester is all over the place. I wasn't actually inspired by much of the Paperchase diary range this year but I love the owl on this one.

As far as I know, magenta is supposed to be a pink, but this is purple. Anyway, I'll roll with it, because this glitter is so dense and beautiful!

What an adorable colour! I'm torn between this and their gelly nail paint in Prickly Pear though, I can't decide!

I've collected many black nail polishes over the years but they've all clumped and dried beyond belief, even a Nails Inc! So I hope Barry M's will be better as I've always loved their nail paints.

I love spikes. I love CND/peace symbols. I love bracelets. Needs no further explanation!

I've fallen in love with my Candy Apple lip butter and I can't wait to get my hands on more, I liked this shade because it's hopefully lighter than my natural lips!

This was about the only colour I truly liked in the range, because otherwise I would be going for their red, but it's an orange-based red and that doesn't suit me, but either way I know I should buy something from this range eventually, so why not while they're on offer?

I have no excuses for this wishlist, it's purely because I have a new student loan burning a hole in my pocket, and I find myself online window shopping way too often!

What are you lusting after this week?

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  1. Barry M's berry ice cream is a really nice colour I have I and I love it x


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