Monday, 25 February 2013

Blogger Birthdays - No excuses for forgetting now!

You know those little discoveries that you just can't wait to blog about? Blogger Birthdays is one of them, I only just read Tilly on Love Tilly's post about this but I had to share it with you! I've always caught blogger's birthdays just after they happen, and I feel so guilty sending a quick 'happy birthday' tweet at 11:59pm! As well as a great way to find out when your fellow bloggers celebrate another womb emancipation day (that's just my way of saying it, if you've ever been wished a happy birthday by me, those are my exact words), it's also handy for getting to know other bloggers that share your birthday!
Disclaimer: I don't pick my friends by their birthdays. I promise. But if you are born on 17th June, let's just say you get preferential treatment. But that's top secret. 

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