Sunday, 24 February 2013

DVD Haul!

Ever since HMV went bust, my local store went down the pan yet it's still clinging on by a thin thread. I've been searching for these DVDs for months, even before HMV went into administration, and in testament to my shoddy store, I found none of them. I have a strange kind of phobia of making online orders, I always freak out that I haven't put in the right address or card number or whatever, so I order things very rarely, but when I do, I order too much.
So why not do an Amazon DVD haul, I asked myself. Why not?

I did warn you it was too much! There's nothing like a bunch of DVDs still in their shrink wrap, just begging to be ripped open, right?

We watched a trailer for this on our DVD of the Sandra Bullock movie Premonition (if you've not seen it, I really recommend it, psychological thrillers are my favourite) and Fracture's apparently quite the same - Anthony Hopkins has shot his wife, but can Ryan Gosling prove it? I'll post a review once I've watched it.

Just Married
I ADORE this movie. Brittany Murphy's passing really saddened me and I haven't seen this movie since, I guess the TV channels don't want to upset anyone too soon. But I love her and Ashton Kutcher's chemistry in this hilarious comedy about a newlywed couple who come across pretty much every obstacle to stop them having a peaceful honeymoon.

Shining Through
Now this one I can't offer much of a review on, as I bought it for my mum and I've never seen it before. But a young Michael Douglas sells pretty much any movie for me.

The Cat In The Hat
My parents love this, and shamefully I've yet to see it. I've loved Dr Seuss' wacky writing since I was little, and let's face it, I'll watch anything with Mike Myers. Even if he is dressed as a cat.

The Last Emperor
I can't believe I hadn't seen this up until last year in my East Asia lecture at uni. I'm currently writing an extended essay on the importance of Manchuria to the Japanese, so this is a useful source. I love the first 15 minutes of this, the young Puyi running around the palace because he has no idea of the regality and ceremony he has to adhere to.

Two Greedy Italians - Series One
Okay, first off, if you haven't seen these guys on TV, watch them the next time they're on. You will LOVE them. Antonio reminds me of my grandfather who spoke and looked just like him! These two make a hilarious duo and frankly, I didn't buy it for the recipes, I bought it for the comedy value!

The Odd Couple
I have a strange fascination with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. I love the Grumpy Old Men movies and their comedy is something you just don't see anymore. I hum the Odd Couple theme whenever I'm bored, and yet I've only seen the first side-splitting ten minutes of it, so I'm super excited to watch this and review it for this blog. That is, if anyone's at all interested in it?

The Full Monty
This is up there with my top favourite movies, and it's not because you get to see Denzil from Only Fools and Horses butt naked. 80s Sheffield feels strangely like home to me, probably because some of my family is from Sheffield, but I'm fascinated by 80s Britain and the ways people overcame unemployment and miners strikes. If you've still not seen this movie, then I really can't recommend this enough. 

I should really have included Skyfall in this haul, but as I've already flooded Instagram and Twitter with references to it, I felt I'd overdone it just a tad, but honestly, I think Skyfall is my second favourite Bond, with the first being Casino Royale, but 

Have you bought any DVDs lately?

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    1. Hahahaa quick the fangirl's escaped from captivity! xxx

  2. *composes self*

    You'll love the Cat in the Hat :) It's so FUNNY. You'll realise where I get all my comedy genius material now :( xx

    1. Haha damnit I knew Dr Seuss was to blame :P xxx

  3. The only one I've seen is The Cat In The Hat, it's great x

    1. Guh I've put it away for Mothers Day now, can't wait to see it! xxx

  4. Mm, Michael Douglas.

    Be warned, The Cat in the Hat is nothing like the book. It's still funny, though. XD

    1. Thank GOD I'm not the only one with a weak spot for the Douglas! Ah, not like the book? Well that's depressing :( xxx


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