Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lush Emotional Brilliance in Feeling Secure - Review

Feeling Secure was a colour I'd always been attracted to in the Emotional Brilliance range at Lush, but I never considered it an option at £14.50 a bottle, Lush isn't a luxury brand and the products hadn't been very well advertised, for example I had no idea how long they were intended to last on my face, and for me, that's a big thing - if it doesn't advertise how long I expect it to last, I immediately lose faith. However, after Christmas some of the range was reduced by half price because their use-by dates were coming up this year, so I had to snap up one.
The lady in the store advised me this was an eyeshadow that could be blended out, however as I watched her swatch it, it wasn't blending on her hand whatsoever, and only getting it home did I realise it was an eyeliner. Nevermind though, I was too in love with the colour to question it.

The Emotional Brilliance range remind me of something that could just as well have been made in Snape's laboratory at Hogwarts, the potion master would surely approve of these little mystical vials. Clear glass is a winner for me because I can see just how much product I have left, and also there's no guessing as to what colour will come out.

Top - swatched heavily
Bottom - one swipe
Behold, the infamous 'pink stain'

Love At First Bite - Without primer underneath, I applied a thin yet opaque line of Feeling Secure, which took longer than expected because each stroke of the brush didn't apply much product, so I found myself going over a few times and still dragging off some of the previous line. The brush is very very small in length and width, so if you're like me and love your thick eyeliner, expect to spend a few more minutes perfecting it. That being said, the pigment when you eventually create an opaque line is beautiful, the purple is a really vibrant shade and brought out the best in my green eyes.
At the end of a day walking the dog, dishwashing and soap-watching, most of the liner had stayed put but the line had visibly faded badly around the middle of my eyelid. On removal, the eyeliner had left quite a vibrant pink stain on my lid. I noticed this stain when I had swatched it on my hand but I assumed that was due to the lack of primer, but even with primer, I'm left with an indelible pink eyeliner. Oh dear.
The Second Coming - For the same routine of a busy day at home, I applied this over a cream eyeshadow as a quick primer before going out with the dog. When I got back, I noticed the same strong wear in the middle of my lid, but I'd attribute this to my oily lids. Once again, the pink stain underneath remained. Is this a flaw with just this shade, or all of the Emotional Brilliance range? I understand their natural ingredients might be the cause, but it's not fantastic if you're going to a job interview the next day.
Third Tomb Lucky - This time, I layered my normal black eyeliner with an extra line of Feeling Secure as I wasn't greatly confident in wearing just purple eyeliner for a day at uni, and the experience was quite the same. After two hours, the purple had visibly faded in the middle of my eyelid, and was absolutely non-existent in the outer corner of my eye, but that being said I do have very watery eyes. Still a big pink stain underneath, regardless of how much I put on underneath, this just soaks right through.

So if you're after a vibrant purple eyeliner to put a bit of glitz into your evening look, and you're happy with having a pink stain for the next day, and you're looking for cruelty free products and love Lush's other products, then I'd happily recommend this eyeliner to give you an idea of the rest of Lush's Emotional Brilliance range, but I'd recommend waiting until you find one on a discount like I did, I wouldn't say they're worth the £14.50 price tag.

Have you tried any Emotional Brilliance yet?

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  1. I love your reviews, though it'd be really useful if you could show what the products actually look like with a swatch or picture of how you wore them. I'd never heard of this range.

    1. I knew there was something I forgot, thanks for reminding me! I've edited the post to include my swatches, sorry it slipped my mind! xx

  2. Eurgh staining, that's one of my only complaints with the Collection Extreme Liners as well. Though at least those last and are cheap, such a shame this isn't too good. It's a stunning colour :(

    1. Oh they do it too? Crikey :/ I wouldn't mind staining if I didn't splash out on it and it actually lasted an hour or so! I adore the colour of this bottle though, perhaps I should just display it? xxx


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