Saturday, 16 February 2013

Post-Valentines rant.

I'm sure you won't mind if I rant here, would you? 

I promised you a few Valentines-related posts this past fortnight and I guess I should explain why they were non-existent. I had absolutely zero drive to do anything Valentines-related, considering this was my first Valentines Day alone in... probably a decade. To some, that's unusual and frankly a bit dodgy, but nevertheless, it's true. 
I wasn't sure what to do with myself around Valentines this year - do I go out and drink myself into a coma feeling sorry for myself? Do I sit at home watching chick flicks feeling sorry for myself? Or do I just pretend it isn't happening and spend the day in a meeting with my lecturer and seeing my best friend? 
Of course, I did the latter. But the self-pity was prevalent in everything I did. I tried to stay away from social networks where people gushed about how perfect their relationships are, what beautiful presents their partners gave them, yadda yadda. Being bitter is my style, and I was visibly fuming for the entire 24 hours. I tried to encourage myself to be a bit more light-hearted about it, laugh about how commercialised the whole day has become, but deep down it wasn't easy. Regardless, I sent a few friends some jokey Valentines e-cards like the one above (History geeks make the best Valentines, hands down), glued myself to Temple Run 2, cuddled up to a good old book on Tiananmen Square and mourned my significant lack of Creme Eggs like any single girl should.

I wanted to pull out some red eyeshadow and make a Valentines-esque EOTD post, a few gift recommendations posts, but frankly, I just couldn't. And I really do apologise if anyone was expecting some extravagant EOTDs.
Anyway, it's over now for another year, and the chocolate's now on discount, so let's pretend it never happened and just be thankful for bargain chocolate boxes.

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