Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lush Rub Rub Rub Scrub Review

I find it hard to pinpoint what I look for in a body scrub.
1. It scrubs.
2. It scrubs?

In the most shocking turnaround since Speidi re-entered the Celebrity Big Brother house...
The Rub Rub Rub Scrub actually SCRUBS.
However, when I first bought this, I had no idea it would do more than scrub.
Ever get that feeling where you say a word so much it sounds alien? Yeah, I'm feeling like that about 'scrub' now.

That's my one gripe about Lush packaging - the labels are verrry vulnerable. I sat my Godmother soap packet on the lid of this scrub and already it looks like it's come out of a quick fisticuffs with Rocky Balboa.
Speaking from experience, of course.

Rafal - what a babe ;)

The puddle in the middle isn't the fault of the product, it's actually the fault of the descending water from the shower head that just doesn't want to go anywhere but inside my scrub pot.

Love At First Bite - Well I couldn't smell anything in the tub, but it claims to be blossom-scented so I'll roll with that! It's a beautiful blue scrub and that's already sold it to me, anything that's an unnaturally vibrant colour is my kind of thing. It reminds me of blue kryptonite... that was the bad one, right?
Using the scrub for the first time, I could instantly feel it changing my skin, scraping away the dead cells. A day after the first use, I noticed my shoulders and back were breaking out a little, nothing I'm not already used to but I take it as a sign it's working its magic on me.

The Second Coming - This time I can smell the mintyness, and my skin tingles to prove it. Again, I can totally feel the effects as I scrub it in. This time I scrubbed a little lighter than the first time and I didn't break out quite so much. I definitely step out of the shower feeling a lot more invigorated and energised. People always say that after using something in the shower though, right? Perhaps it's a placebo effect, but who cares when I feel better!

Third Tomb Lucky - This time I read the side of the tub stating because there's a lot of sea salt in the scrub, it'll be great for adding volume to my hair. For a split second I was apprehensive about applying a scrub to my hair, but I took the plunge regardless of the curious feeling, scrub beads melting in my scalp... not the greatest feeling. That night I noticed my roots had a bit more volume than usual, literally the slightest boost, but nothing had changed anywhere else on my noggin. I assumed with continued use the sea salt would take effect, but I have naturally very dead straight hair so it didn't do anything more with five uses.

So as a scrub, this is an absolute dream. My skin feels brand new afterwards, smells beautiful, and it scrubs. I could ask no more. I'll definitely be repurchasing this and I think that'll be very soon, I have so little left because I haven't been able to bring myself to have a shower without using it since I bought it after Christmas!

What's your favourite body scrub?

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  1. This sounds really nice, I love S&G scrubs but I think I'll try this out x

  2. Yeah - I really love rub rub rub - the smell ist soooo awesome and reminds me on my first visit at a Lush store when I was the first time in UK... hmmm <3

  3. I just nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can check it out on my blog if you'd like :)

  4. Always a but worried about using Lush in case I am allergic. Why dont you try Lush BIG shampoo? That has sea salt in it to give volume xxxxxxxxxx


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