Friday, 15 February 2013

MUA Lip Liner in Pink Me Up - Review and Swatches

The MUA lip liners are testament to the idea that we shouldn't spend more than we have to on a product. If something worth £1 works like a dream, why spend more?
I started off with the Red Drama shade but I couldn't stop there, to the point I was walking into Superdrug every day to stare at it longingly, but part of me questioned whether I really needed it.

I adore MUA's pencil packaging which comes with a sharpener in the lid, it's an absolute godsend. When you're running late and you've forgotten to sharpen your lip liner, which happens to me all too often, I can sharpen it right there without having to hunt down a specific sharpener, which is probably too big/small for the pencil anyway. 
The only thing I'll say to the contrary is that it's quite difficult to clean the sharpener out as it's on a difficult curve in the lid, and the leftover product that's built up in the lid tends to smudge its way around my makeup bag.

Top: Heavily swiped
Bottom: Lightly drawn

MUA's pencils, as with the majority of their range, are extraordinarily pigmented, and they barely budge throughout the day regardless of how much you push them to their limits.

I initially purchased this to line and layer underneath a lip butter, but I've found myself wearing it by itself a lot more, it's a pretty, subtle pink that doesn't feel heavy on the lips and doesn't make it abundantly clear that I'm even wearing a lip product. 

Having owned retractable lip liners before, I find the pencil aspect so much easier to apply, especially when I have very defined lips and it's visible from a mile away if I've not taken my time to accurately apply anything. 

The lip liner extends the life of my lipsticks, balms and lip lacquers by at least 2 hours, I still find my lips perfectly defined when I return home after a long day at university. I'll definitely be grabbing more shades in the range soon! 

What more could I ask for? An accompanying barbershop quartet to compose a song describing my lip lining routine?

Have you tried the MUA lip liners yet?

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  1. If I would have seen this in store I think I would've completely walked past it. I tend to stay away from pinks when wearing lipsticks because they just don't quite suit, but this looks completely different to how I would've pictured and now I can honestly say I am quite keen, especially if it's only subtle! I have had positive experiences with MUA's lip pencils from Brooding Plum - which is INCREDIBLE. I love it and it's the perfect base coat. I do need to invest in more and I might just go for this one!
    Mia x


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