Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

In case you've been living under an anti-pop-punk rock for the past few weeks, allow me to inform you - Fall Out Boy have returned from a 4 year hiatus.
For fans such as myself, it was a day we won't forget, mainly because the Tumblr universe has spent those 4 years pining for the angelic vocals of Patrick Stump, and their new release, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up) indulged every fangirl with a brand new eargasm.
However, the song has brought no end of outrage from said fangirls, claiming they've 'sold out' and changed beyond all recognition. Forgive me for the bluntness, but isn't that the point of music - to develop? Even the most die-hard fans would soon tire of the same-old routine, which many bands have fallen foul of before. 
It's also reignited the debate that their previous album, Folie A Deux, was out of character and completely non-FOB. For me, Folie was their greatest album. The concept of an album that impressively evades the 'love song' rut they'd placed themselves in with their career really inspired me. My favourite FOB song, (Coffee's For Closers), called Folie its home. The timeless classic of What A Catch, Donnie signalled Fall Out Boy's progression into the band they ultimately became, refusing to neglect their past hits echoing through the close of the track. Massive hits like America's Sweethearts and I Don't Care gave the same empowering vibes 
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark brings back an echo of Jay Z's role in Thriller from the album Infinity On High, this time morphing the hip-hop of 2 Chainz with the immortal Fall Out Boy pop-punk trademark. It's plain to see this is what Patrick Stump does best, when you consider his solo career during the FOB hiatus.
The track showcases Fall Out Boy's lyrical genius we all know and love, for example:

A constellation of tears on your lashes,
Burn everything you love, then burn the ashes.
In the end everything collides,
My childhood spat back out the monster that you see.

Pete Wentz's songwriting never fails to impress me, and Patrick Stump's genius manipulation of notes and emphasis send listeners on a rollercoaster of aural emotions. Believe me, you'll be finding a way to input 'I'M ON FIYAAAAH' into conversation after hearing this. This is definitely one to crank up before you go out for the night.
As for the accompanying video? Well the jury's still out on that one. We see 2 Chainz ceremoniously setting fire to Fall Out Boy records, presumably symbolic of Fall Out Boy setting alight to their old material to ignite the flame of a new era. It actually hurts seeing Take This To Your Grave curling under the heat, but it's all in the name of FOB's rebirth. And yet all we see of our four main men is... well, nothing. Four figures tied up in the back of a van with bags on their heads, that's about it, but maybe the song was enough for us, if we'd seen them back together on the video, our wee fangirl and fanboy minds would explode.

I missed out on tickets to their London gig at the end of the month, but I'm not going to wail about it, I'm just keeping my fingers firmly crossed that they'll stay together long enough for me to see them live for the first time in a decade-long love affair.
Fans are disheartened by the release and dreading what they'll be faced with when the album Save Rock and Roll releases on May 6th. Mirroring the backlash after My Chemical Romance released Danger Days, Fall Out Boy appear to have matured and changed their output, but by no means altered their goals to make the music we all love. 
My suggestion is this - just enjoy it. They're back, and nobody knows how long for. One song has no bearing over an entire album. Fall Out Boy are renowned for covering the entire spectrum of emotions within an album, and this is likely one of many extravagant themes featuring on the album.
I'm excited, aren't you?

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  1. I've been living under a rock x.x
    I need to get back into new releases, starting with this clearly!

    1. Have a look quick, you'll love it all!


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