Thursday, 21 February 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop - Review and Swatch

It's safe to say that ever since I reviewed Candy Apple, I knew I was hooked on Revlon Lip Butters. I'd had a bad experience with Sugar Frosting, but I was determined to find another just as good as Candy Apple. 
The moment I laid eyes on the shade Lollipop, I knew I had to have it, but I spent weeks swatching it in store and still not feeling totally convinced I'd ever wear it. I've been a red lip fan for a while now, but would I really suit a pink lip? More to the point, would I like a pink lip? I hate the colour pink with a passion, I own no pink clothing, I steer clear of it like it's some kind of contagious disease that, heaven forbid, might make me look feminine.
I took the risk with Lollipop, but was it worth it?

Definitely worth the risk. The swatch pictured is one swipe, which speaks volumes for the opacity of the lip butter, exactly what I'd hoped for.
Lollipop isn't a scary pink, hot pink, baby pink, girly pink, Spice Girl pink, it's just a great pink, and it's changed my view on pink lip products entirely.

I've mentioned before how much I adore the packaging on these, the quilted, colour-coordinated translucent lid with a little peep-hole at the top just in case you don't know what colour you're picking up! I always feel snazzy pulling this out of my bag during the day, to the point I want to hold it up and wave it around just so everyone can see I'm using a gorgeous little Revlon lip butter.

One thing Revlon should think about when they're making more of these? Make them smell/taste like their namesakes. I'd love this to taste just like lollipops, although I might eat it instead of wear it.

Would I say these are worth the £7.99 price tag? If you grab them on an offer, then yes, but personally I feel quite cheated when I buy them normally. Maybe because £8 is a bit too steep for a budget beauty girl like me to spend on a lip product that I need to reapply every two hours.
Not that I mind reapplying, because this is an absolute dream to apply, it glides on with so little effort, I'm never spending more than 30 seconds making sure I've not coloured outside the lines of my lips, and it's so insanely pigmented with only one swipe that I don't need to spend forever swiping over and over.

The shade Lollipop is beautiful when combined with the MUA lip liner in Pink Me Up, but without, it still makes a powerful lip statement and I find myself throwing this shade on effortlessly for a quick dog walk when I need something to shield my lips from the wind chill outside.

You can find the lip butters at Boots and Superdrug for £7.99.

What's your favourite Revlon lip butter shade?

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  1. I have Lollipop, it's lovely but I don't wear it very often but I'm not sure that the colour suits me. I really love Revlon to bring out some darker more opaque ones, some of the darker ones I've swatched in store seem to be really sheer. :( I would never buy them without them being on offer either, I love them but £7.99 is a bit much! I'd they'd be much better at around the £5.99 mark.

    1. That's my problem too! I'm paranoid it doesn't suit me when it's super opaque, but luckily when it wears off a little it looks quite natural! I totally agree, they need a deep berry or even a dark dark red (so dark they named it twice), it's a shame some of these just aren't pigmented, like Sugar Frosting I'm furious I wasted £7.99 on a non-balm balm! £5.99 is about right, thankfully drugstores are getting that hint and there always seems to be an offer on! xxx


    1. I WENT WALKING WITH MY MOMMA ONE DAY WHEN SHE WARNED ME WHAT PEOPLE SAYYYYYY god I love Mika, where the hell did he go to?! xxx


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