Friday, 15 March 2013

Ali Zombie Wears Band Shirts - David Bowie

In true student procrastination style, I've been meaning to make a massive post on the band shirts I own, but I just own too many to cram them all into one post. So for ease of reading, I'll be writing a separate post on each, whose shirts I wear and why I wear them.

Today's the turn of David Bowie. This is the second Bowie shirt I've owned, but I've kept an eager eye on Bowie merchandise since I was little.

What is it about Bowie that I love?
To most, the response would be his style, his ingenuity, his lack of fear of standing out. For me, when I was growing up, it was his music. His completely alternative approach to anything considered popular in music became so popular so fast that the Bowie phenomena grabbed hold of me at a very early age. Although frankly, at that age, I was more interested in this man who sang about spacemen and life outside of the real world.

I was introduced to Bowie through the Queen duet for Under Pressure, and I was hooked on this man with a beautiful range and a haunting tone, luckily so were my parents, so my education began quickly.
I was absolutely enchanted with The Man Who Sold The World as a child and I formed memories as if I was really there that day, with the man who sold the world.
I had nightmares about Major Tom, and I still didn't get to know whose shirts he wore.
Starman became a lullaby that would calm me down no matter what mood I was in, but he still blew my mind.
I'd walk around singing China Girl without even knowing which 'man who wants to rule the world' he was referring to.
I heard Rick from The Young Ones quote Ashes To Ashes at a funeral and that's probably why I've never been let near a funeral in my life.
Life On Mars was my way of escaping the real world, plus the TV series of the same name brought a whole new meaning to that world - my favourite world, the 1970s.

Bowie taught me that wearing too much makeup was perfectly acceptable. I dressed as Aladdin Sane for my 19th birthday and a drunk man shouted 'HEY LOOK IT'S ALICE COOPER'. I learnt that being different was absolutely fine, yes, but above all I gained the greatest education in music from Bowie, and I doubt anyone will ever top it.

I always feel a bit guilty for wearing a band shirt that I don't know a great deal about, even though I make every effort to learn, but this one I'm confident I can wear with pride.

Bowie vest - Primark £8

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  1. My mum was obsessed with Bowie when she was younger and I keep meaning to put all of the CDs she has on my iPod so I can listen to more of his songs. I also love that he's performed with two of my favourite bands ever, Queen and Placebo.

    I'm currently listening to Life On Mars and it's probably going to get stuck in my head now :p

    1. Hehe that's how we inherit the best music - the parental CD hoards :P Yeah, Under Pressure is just perfection. Haha Life On Mars really is addictive, good luck getting that out of your head :P

  2. Such a cool top. :> Can you believe I've never really listened to Bowie. But, I do love his personalities. :D

    Indie by heart
    ps. NINJ & NINJ -print giveaway

    1. Wow hopefully you'd like some of his stuff, he's so very surreal at times but his hits are the best :)

  3. AWW and thanks for following me on Bloglovin' x

  4. I love it! Sadly not a massive Bowie fan (my mum rather likes him though), but he will always have a place in my heart as Jareth <3. Also, you are gorgeous and awesome. Lend me some of your confidence in going out dressed up and made up how you want? (I'm getting there slowly, very slowly)

    1. OH my word can you believe I've never seen Labyrinth?! Rubbish childhood! Haha it's not even confidence anymore, it's just 'couldn't give a shit what people think now', you'll get there slowly!

  5. Wow I can't believe that's primark! so cool :)

    1. Me neither! Well, I can... it's not the greatest quality fabric :/


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