Thursday, 14 March 2013

Preparing For The Google Reader Apocalypse.

I'm one of the few bloggers that didn't even know Google Reader existed until today, I always use the Blogger dashboard to keep up to date with my Blogspot domain blogs and check my Tumblr occasionally for the others, but RSS feeds always baffled me to a point, so when I heard all the hype about Google Reader terminating in July, I instantly believed that was Blogger, for all I knew those two systems were one and the same. I wasn't far off though, because it appears even Google Friend Connect is in jeopardy too, and while Google has yet to publicly announce its demise, they've only said it will stick around for now

A ticking time bomb as it may be, I've been prepared for this event for a while now, as if it were a zombie apocalypse. I'm a social media addict, and I have a presence on almost every dominant social network known to mankind. You can tell by my signature on every post - FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblrPinterestBloglovinHellocotton and She Said Beauty! I'm in the process of finding music blogging social networks for me to house my Zombies Wear Band Shirts blog, but for now it's made it's own little home on Bloglovin if you'd like to join it over there!

So never fear, you can't shake off the zombies that easily!

Also, I apologise if my writing style is a little different today, I'm using phrases I don't usually dust off purely because I've spent the past 11 hours with my head stuck in books and documents for university. When I have days off, I have to keep my head above water with my deadlines, and I may have overdone the workload a little today, so as I type, I'm seeing double and hearing the voice inside my head reading this very slowly a la Morgan Freeman.
Cheaper than drugs and a damn sight more productive!

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  1. I'm exactly the same as you, up until yesterday I thought google reader was the blogger feed, oops! At least it means we won't miss it :) xx

  2. I follow you on GFC and bloglovin but there's a petition! x


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