Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Advice To My Teenage Self

You're right in thinking I'm not far out of my teenage years and as such, this isn't expected to be the most inspiring, life-changing post. However, I'm 20 and I've seen myself change unrecognisably in my teenage years, so much that only a few select family members still know who I am when I walk in a room. I consider them the least fortunate, I love looking different from who I was as I was growing up. When I'm faced with a drastic personal change, I find it therapeutic to change myself aesthetically, so I can look back and say 'I was going through a phase, but I'm out of it now'. These changes happen rather drastically too, and sometimes without me even noticing, so it can be very unexpected for me and everyone around me!
So this tag is such a great little thing for me to remind myself how far I've come and how far I still have left to go.

The embodiment of my teenage years in one photo. Never let me loose with 3 balloons.

3 Makeup/Fashion Do's For Your Teenage Self
1. Pick up a crimper sometime, you might like the effect it has on your hair.
2. Trust me, you look great in skinny jeans, try them sometime. That way you can quit it with the bright blue flared jeans, because as much as you wish you were, you're not growing up in the 70s.
3. Keep up the black eyeshadow, because you won't grow out of it. But you will get better at applying it.

3 Makeup/Fashion Don'ts For Your Teenage Self
1. Get rid of that No. 7 concealer ASAP. It's doing you no favours, for crying out loud.
2. You're right, you're not a skirt and heels kind of girl. Stay away from them.
3. Don't bother dying your hair anything other than black, you'll hate it five seconds later.

A Deep And Meaningful Piece Of Advice For Your Teenage Self
People may say the harshest things to you, call you names, throw labels at you, but you're Ali, and one day you'll realise that their opinions don't matter. I'm not trying to persuade you to stop listening to them, because that wouldn't make you as strong as you are today. Just take care of yourself, and if you have to hurt yourself along the way, don't push it too far, you have a life ahead of you, and the best revenge is surviving.

1 Tip For School
Don't let anyone distract you from your work, particularly in college. You know success is what matters to you, so don't let anyone stand in the way of that, regardless of how much they mean to you in the moment they're there. Don't let anyone tell you who to be and how to live your life. You're an academic, you know you're happier with your nose in an essay.

1 Tip For Friends
Value the friends you have, because you never know when you're going to lose them. Make them feel as wanted as they make you. Just because you prefer being alone most of the time, doesn't mean you'll enjoy it full-time.

1 Tip For Fun
Experiment with music, listen to bands you've never listened to before, really branch out and don't just let yourself fall into a stereotype. Be versatile, if it's possible to prize you away from your MCR CDs. Speaking of MCR...

If you enjoyed this tag, why not do it yourself? I'd love to know if you do, it's a great tag to get to know the person behind the blogger! 

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  1. Liked this a lot. :-) I hope to do one of these when I get the time...and if I can remember that far back. ;-)



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