Thursday, 18 April 2013

Maybelline 24Hr Color Tattoo in Timeless Black - Review and swatch

I can't begin to describe my elation when I spied the new Maybelline 24Hr Color Tattoo shade Timeless Black on the shelves, alongside two new UK shades 25K Gold and Light in Purple, which I've already reviewed.

When I first saw this product range last year, I grabbed Immortal Charcoal in the hope it would be the shade of charcoal, but it wasn't, just a dull kind of grey. I still used it to death underneath black eyeshadow anyway, simply because I adore extreme smoky eyes. But it wasn't enough for me, apparently I needed a black base just in case I couldn't be bothered to layer it up in the morning.
I can't praise these highly enough, they truly last an entire day on my lids, and that's a feat given they're normally oil slicks. I do struggle with applying them neatly with my finger, and I'm often left with a nice stubborn smudge in my tear duct or near my brows, but with a brush they're much better. While the matte shades like Permanent Taupe aren't the greatest for pigment, I had super high hopes for something that claims unequivocally to be 'black'.

On a finger swatch in store, it was pure black, just as it appears in the pot, as black as black can be, my heart raced and I couldn't get to the tills fast enough. I came home in complete ecstasy that I'd finally found my favourite product in a black I could use without too much effort. On my eyelids, however, it's not the case. I can't actually tell the difference between this and Immortal Charcoal, the intense pigment just doesn't translate onto the lid. Maybelline don't seem to have found a solution to these matte shades and their pigmentation, which is a shame because if this was ultra black, it would sell like hot cakes. But then again, perhaps what I'm expecting is an opaque gel eyeliner effect. Nevertheless, I packed some black eyeshadow on top (shade 11 of the MUA Undressed palette, if you're curious) and went about my business at uni. I will say it's a perfect base for a black, it makes the final product look flawlessly opaque, whereas before I was using other Color Tattoos underneath and they would always shine a little bit of shimmer through the heavy eyeshadow. I always struggle to get my black shadow to stay on my lids, it likes to crease simply because of the nature of its colour, but with this underneath, it stays put ALL. DAY.

So what's your take on the Timeless Black color tattoo? Do you have your eye on any of the other new shades?

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  1. It does get a bit more black if you layer it,but I agree that it's not as opaque as I hoped. Still, they're great bases and it makes for an easy smokey eye under colours :)

  2. I have this too and I can't help but feel a tiny bit disappointed with it. Probably because my expectations were too high! Wish it applied a little more opaque, but it does make a nice base at least.

  3. Have you tried the two new black shades--Stroke of Midnight and Dramatic Black? I'm wondering how they compare to Timeless Black.


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