Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I have a few favours to ask...

Firstly, I want to apologise for the erratic nature of the posts on this blog lately, I've had a lot of tag posts lined up and not an awful lot of reviews, because I'm still revising for uni exams and I don't have the time for total immersion in organisation just yet!

My main purpose today is to ask a favour of you lovely readers...
What do you want from Zombies Wear Eyeliner?
I've set up a poll in the top right hand corner of the blog so you can go over there and vote for what you'd like to see more of, and I'd love it if you left some comments below - have your say in how this blog is run, after all, you're the ones reading it! The poll ends at the end of May, so I hope that gives you all plenty of time to have your vote.

More reviews? More tags? More FOTDs? More OOTDs? More money saving tips?
I try and keep a good balance of a review, a day's break, then a tag post, then a day's break and the cycle begins again, but that pattern will only return when I'm back to full organisation, and providing I get some positive feedback from you guys. Do you like tag posts? Or do you find them a little pointless?
I'm also trying my hand at money saving advice posts, so if you're interested in those, tick the box in the poll.

So those are the choices you can vote for in the poll, but I've got a few more questions to ask, which I'd love some feedback on in the comments below.

How frequent should posts be?
I aim to schedule a post every other day, so I'd love to know if that's too much. I sometimes feel like I'm drowning your feeds with such frequent posts, especially when some bloggers barely update once a week, so it would be a great relief on my now crammed summer timetable if you prefer less frequent appearances.

Is there anything else you want to see?
Anything at all, I'm open to suggestions.

Do you know of and enjoy Zombies Wear Band Shirts?
At the same time, I'm contemplating scrapping my second blog Zombies Wear Band Shirts purely because it doesn't reach enough readers, the music blogging community isn't as open as beauty blogging, so I may just budge all my music related posts over here and make this a straight-up lifestyle blog about everything I love, from beauty to music.

Apologies for the Spanish inquisition, I just figured it's about time I asked what you guys think of the work I do on this dark corner of the internet!

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  1. I think you should have this blog as a "straight up lifestyle blog about everything you love" :) x

    1. Thank you lovely, I think I'll do just that, may even use that as a tagline :P x


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