Thursday, 2 May 2013

60 Day Spending Ban - Starting From Now!

Having returned from a jolly shopping spree yesterday, spending a ludicrous amount, the door knocks and the courier arrives with my obscene OPI order, and I'm instantly reminded of the shoes I bought on eBay, and on top of that, the makeup I ordered for my mum. It was in that moment I realised I was spending too much money. And what's the typical response to the shopaholic disorder? Chuck a spending ban in there, lather on the guilt, smother it with self-restraint and you've got yourself a torturous 60 days.

Why not 100 days, you ask? Because I don't have a good enough memory to keep 100 days on my mind. 60 days is just about enough for me. Also, 60 days covers my birthday, so this can restrain me from spending birthday money on things I don't need. With the July London blogger meetup on the horizon, it's about time I put a stop to my spending so as I actually have some money saved up for the MAC counter to steal from me when I get there. We're also on the market for a new car, so I have to stretch out the money I'll have left after that chunk's been snatched from me!

Here are my spending ban rules, let's see if I can stick to them eh?

♠ No hair/beauty products unless they are absolutely necessary repurchases, eg. hairspray, foundation, concealer etc. Some might not consider hairspray an essential, but it is to me!
♠ No clothing unless absolutely necessary. I have shorts and tops for summer, I'll be fine, but if I'm low on tights that don't look like I've been shoved through a hedge backwards, I may have to grab some in Primark.
♠ Absolutely no jewellery.
♠ No books unless necessary for my dissertation research. That means no more indulging on Shakespeare.
♠ No DVDs. Full stop. I'm running out of places to store them in anyway!
♠ No magazines. Not even if they have that MCR poster I've been dying to get my hands on...

♠ Birthday presents are acceptable. It's my mum's birthday in a few weeks so that's the only one I need to cover.
♠ Food and drink is acceptable. But discouraged considering I have enough food at home.
♠ Lending parents money is acceptable, but discouraged. After all, they keep me and feed me, so I owe them something.

If this ban results in a decline in reviews on the blog, then so be it. This blog wasn't intended as a solely beauty review blog anyway! I have enough products to blab about already, so hopefully this will give me the incentive to finally write about some of them.

2nd May - 1st July
Wish me luck!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I think I'm gonna need it! x

  2. Noooo! You're so so so so brave. I will support you every step of the way! You can spend those 60 days learning to walk in those shoes! Good luck! :) x

    1. Haha thank you lovely, yeah it's definitely going to take a few months to perfect that! Spending bans definitely help you discover the products you already have at home! x


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