Saturday, 4 May 2013

July London Meet-Up!

Excuse my excitement, this is the first point where I've realised that I'm officially a blogger. I live out in the sticks of south England so meet-ups in London are sometimes too far for me, but this time I've thrown consequence to the wind and I'll be attending the London meet-up on Saturday 27th July!

Organised by the gorgeous Helen from Beautifully Superfluous, the event covers both Saturday and Sunday, so this is guaranteed to be a great weekend chock full of blogger shenanigans, spending way too much money and, apparently, squeezing a record number of women into the Oxford St Topshop photo booth!

As this is my first trip to London on my own, it's safe to say I'm petrified. I'm scared of trains, I have absolutely no idea which platform I'd need to be on, let alone how to get from one platform to another, and bonus, I'm petrified of getting lost in a strange and intimidating city, so if you happen to see a little goff detective crawling her way down Oxford Street, give us a wave! If I even get that far, that is.

While I've always maintained that I'm my own person and I dress just how I want to, I can't help but feel a little apprehensive that I'll be surrounded by fashion bloggers, silently judging my lack of ability to see clashing colours! But at least I'll be vaguely noticeable if you're wondering where all the bloggers are, just look for the odd one out wearing all black in a group of gorgeous fashionistas!

I'll give you an update on what exactly I'll be wearing that day closer to the time, just so you know what to look out for. If anyone else is anything like me and struggles to recognise someone from their photos, then knowing what people will be wearing is an absolute lifesaver. I'm known for walking straight past people I'm supposed to be meeting, purely because I can't recognise them in different clothes!

So if you're interested in coming too, then head over to Helen's blog here and sign on! While you're at it, why don't you follow her blog as well? If there's ever a blog I would recommend to all my followers, it's hers!

Are you coming to the meetup? Leave a comment, I'd love to meet some of my lovely followers!

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  1. How exciting! But I totally understand your worries. It'll definitely be worth it though :) I'd love to go to a meet one day. Is there anyone local-ish to you that you could travel with perhaps?

    Nice to 'meet' you by the way, I'm Sami of where I babble about all-sorts! :) xx

    1. Ah I wish there was, apparently nobody's going on my train, so I'm contemplating bringing a friend to at least save me from train anxiety! Lovely to meet you Sami, I know this is super super late but I adore your blog! xx

  2. I felt exactly the same way about my dress sense when I went to my first meet up, but everyone was lovely! London scares me too, everyone walks too fast and it's all a bit overwhelming for little me!

    I wish I had the money to go! I've not been to a meet up in ages. :(

    1. It's scaring the life out of me now, dare I wear colours just so I don't offend any fashion bloggers that think black doesn't go with black?! Ah the anxiety! It'd be great to see you if you had the money to go, please let me know if you somehow win the lottery and can fly over to London in a fancy new private jet!


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