Friday, 10 May 2013

Twitter Suspended - Bear with me folks!

As I was trying to submit a hilarious (if I do say so myself) tweet about the staff behind the glass on the BBC News set, I discovered I'd been suspended from Twitter.
Needless to say, I'm pretty angry and upset, because I can't for the life of me work out when I've ever broken the Twitter rules of conduct.
It's not as if I tweet people spam about competitions to win Beats headphones, it's not as if I impersonate a celebrity, it's not as if I misuse the Twitter verified badge,  and it's certainly not as if I'm a drug mule running my lucrative business through the most open channel of social media.
I'm just a 20 year old girl running a beauty blog, damnit.
Now my memory isn't all that good, so I can't remember the last thing I tweeted, but it must've been last night, so in the interim hours during which I was sleeping, I've been suspended. Given the evidence, I can only assume I've upset someone in my state of sleep and have been reported while I was shooting multiple Zs.
Of course, I've appealed my suspension and sent a few angry emails to Twitter Support, but I'm by no means done yet. They state they could take days to respond to complaints, so I could be MIA for a while.
I used my Twitter to make personal updates and talk about my blog, I hardly think I've done anything worthy of suspension whatsoever. But if you know of something I've done that I've clearly forgotten, then leave a comment, because I'm quite concerned about this whole situation.
How else am I going to inform you guys of my mundane life watching classic Dustin Hoffman movies, eating crappy own brand chocolate and being blinded by my halogen heater?
So I apologise for my disappearance, while I don't feel it's of my own doing, I'll be back as soon as possible, even if it means starting a new account and leaving behind my 7000 odd tweets and 400 followers.
I'm slowly but surely losing faith in the entire Twitter system because of this situation. I'm not happy with being targeted for carrying out my tweeting as I have done for the past year.

Did you know you can be suspended by Twitter for randomly favouriting tweets? How are they to know if they're random or not? The tweets you favourite could be to your own tastes but to others they'd look random.

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  1. Whaaat :O crazy, hope you get it sorted soon! xx

    1. Guh crazy is an understatement, I'm so relieved it's over now! x

  2. Oh my god that's awful :( I was suspended a couple of months ago, for retweeting tweets too often which looked like spam?!!? God knows why that would be seen as spam?! It's a joke (unfunny one at that!) xx

    1. Grrr the Twitter police have a lot to answer for, how can that be spam? You're promoting others, it's hardly you that's gaining from it! Guh :/ xx

  3. that's horrible, I hope it gets sorted!

    1. Thanks lovely, I'm so glad it was fixed within a day, I would've wept real tears otherwise. x


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