Friday, 10 May 2013

Xtras - Cut Price Cosmetics

This week I made my first purchase with the website, and it would be a crime for me not to inform you of the great offers they have. After receiving an endless ear-bashing from my mum about her Stila Angel Light Whitening Powder Foundation running low, I searched for a place to stock up. You may remember Stila making a bold stride into Poundlands early last year, and pretty much all of us who found some in store picked up what we found.
Of course, there was the huge debate about the products being at least 5 years out of date, some sources claim 8 years, but expired beauty products have never been an issue to my mum, she has great skin and she's never had any side effects from using old products.

So my internet search for the wondrous powder ended at, a bargain cosmetics site which stocks everything from Revlon to YSL, perfumes, hair extensions and even hen party gear. They stocked this Stila powder for £1.99 each, so I grabbed 10, just to ensure it'll be a long long time before my mum ear-bashes me about it again.

The delivery was so much quicker than I expected. I placed my order on 29th April and received it on 2nd May. Albeit packed in a Jiffy bag and not receiving the greatest protection from the elements, especially considering it was a package full of fragile powders, yet none were damaged, so I can't complain. But I consider that luck more than judgement.
Nevertheless, from my experience they're completely trustworthy and definitely worth a look if you're after something a little bit cheaper than the drugstore RRPs.

Pictured above is shade B, which suits my mum's skin tone brilliantly, and apparently provides the sheer coverage she likes. As it's a refill, it only comes in a pan and not a fully protected container, but providing you keep it in the plastic packaging as it arrives, it's perfectly protected there. The powder foundation also comes with a handy sponge applicator, unlike most products of the same ilk.

What I will say about this product is the shade range isn't extensive enough for my liking. I tried shade A, the lightest of them all, and still ended up with orange patches on my sheet-white skin. I'd provide you with photo swatches if my mum wasn't currently cuddling them and hissing 'my precious' at me.

So if you missed out on some bargain beauty products from Poundland, then head over to Xtras to see if they stock them for a similar price instead. Why pay full whack?
I think I'll be using their services again after my spending ban to get my hands on their hair extension kits for £14.99!

Where do you find bargain beauty products online?

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