Saturday, 1 June 2013

Finding your dream foundation.

Can you honestly, hand-on-heart, say you've found your ideal foundation? A perfect match for your skin tone, condition and coverage? Now now, we're all friends here, there's no need to pretend. I've never met anyone who's found their dream foundation, regardless of how many precious pounds sterling they fritter away at the counters. But how do you solve that? Do you throw more notes at the cashiers in the hope you'll find the right one eventually?

I'm an unemployed student, so I don't have the coins to hurl at possibly rubbish products. So that's where the interweb comes in handy.
PS Beauty is a new independent and impartial site that takes the information you supply it about what you want from your foundation and recommends a range of products that suit your requirements.

I already feel right at home. Personalised greetings are pleasin' to me eye.

I had a devil of a job not clicking 'dry' purely because I liked the cactus picture. #immature

When you hover over the + sign in the top right of each box, it gives a brief description of the selections, so you're absolutely certain on the definitions, which is great since I've always assumed I had oily skin because of my problem T-zone, but it turns out I'm combination because I have super dry cheeks some days. Yet another thing PS Beauty has helped me out with!

The procedure to find out PS Beauty's recommendations isn't as painful as you'd imagine - no pointless questions about which way you sit when you're applying your makeup, just simple, painless questions that make the most out of your feedback. 9 simple clicks later and you're presented with the best foundation matches to your information.

My search on PS Beauty uncovered both high end and high street products I'd not thought of trying before - from Lush through Estee Lauder to Dior. Of course, I haven't magically grown cash through the process (so much for money plants), so I don't have the funds to check them all out. But the system recommended an unusual offering - Lush colour supplement in Jackie Oates.

Am I the only one that never realised 'colour supplement' meant 'foundation'? I've walked past this in store thinking it would be too dark for my skin, being Caspar the friendly ghost at best. But now I think about it, Lush would be great for foundation, you can guarantee it'll smell gorgeous and it'll really feel like it's doing your skin some favours, rather than slapping on a bunch of chemicals.

Okay PS Beauty, I'm convinced. Having checked various blog reviews of the product, everyone seems pleasantly surprised by Lush's offering, suggesting it's helped them with their redness and blemishes better than other foundations they've tried.

Nice trick, especially considering I've only ever tried 2 different foundations, so I couldn't provide the website with as much comprehensive information as some could. But at least I've not stared at a drugstore display for what feels like hours determining which shade suits my undertones and whether it'd agree with my purse strings, nevermind my skin type.

I've cut out hours of trawling blogs for decent foundations and consequently trawling online stores to find the cheapest price - PS Beauty has done it all for me in one sitting. No pushy salespeople breathing down my neck, fuelling my shopping anxiety and causing me to choose the completely wrong foundation, just a friend kindly passing me a note saying 'you might want to try these three, I've tried them and they've been great'.

I'm also told PS Beauty are in the process of making a similar finder for your perfect mascara - girls, I know it's hard to commit to one mascara, but perhaps Mr Right is out there somewhere, waiting on a shelf as you walk right past him. I'm convinced I've already found my favourite mascara already, but why settle for second best?

Check out the foundation finder here!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this post.

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  1. The colour supplement has the normal foundation- powdery smell to it.
    Have you considered eye lash tinting, dyed black then clear mascara mean no chance of panda eyes.

  2. oo lush sell foundation !!! I use clinique :) Hey :) I am going to the July meet up so thought i'd introduce myself to everyone :)

  3. I never heard of this site before! Thank you so much for bringing it to attention! xx

    Daphne/Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life

  4. They gave me the same results! xox


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