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Music Tag

When Katie tagged me in this a few months ago, I squealed a little too loud. Finally, a tag that's going to expose all my deepest, darkest secrets! Well, at least my music related ones. As you'll know by the simple fact I have a music blog - I love music. Everyone will say those three words at some point in their lives, so it's cliched, but music has specifically saved my life at very crucial points on my mortal coil, so it's safe for me to say - I love music.

What’s your favourite type of music?
I'm definitely a rock girl through and through. If I had to listen to one type for the rest of my life, it would be glam. Queen, Bowie, T Rex, Elton John, The Darkness, Foxy Shazam, KISS - I'll carry my glam rock roots forever. Although at the same time, I adore shock rock, like Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne, so rock really is my 'thing'.

What’s your least favourite type of music?
That's a hard question to answer because I've dabbled in every genre with the very aim of never having a least favourite type of music. I adored Eminem as a teenager, and my friends now are still gobsmacked when Just Lose It plays and I'm immediately transformed into a lyrical ghetto badass, so rap's out. Country is embodied by the likes of Johnny Cash and Amos Lee, so that's out too. I can't say I dislike pop because I watch the Eurovision Song Contest religiously, and pop from the early 2000s made my teenage years amazing.
Dubstep is probably the closest I'll get to actively disliking a genre, although Korn's Path of Totality album is bang on the money, and the combination startled me so much I loved it. 
If we're talking a prejudiced, stereotyped dislike of a genre without even having listened to it, I'd say house and grime. Quite honestly, I don't even know how to define them, but if Kim and Aggie wouldn't get along with them, then neither would I.

What’s the best gig you’ve been to?
I have to say Download 2012 purely because it was my first festival and I saw my lifelong idol Ozzy Osbourne with Black Sabbath. This may come as a surprise to you, but I've only ever been to three gigs. I'm always broke, too far from venues, and I don't have transport to get me home afterwards.
My first gig I went to though, I passed out in the corridor because I was so tired, then missed half of my favourite band's set. I clearly wasn't prepared for the eargasms aged 14.

Keep an eye on the drummer Tommy Clufetos, easily my favourite drummer, he's an absolute machine.

What albums are you listening to at the moment?
Right this second I'm listening to Fall Out Boy's 'Save Rock And Roll', an album I recently reviewed in full here. I can fully see myself listening to this album for months from now. From start to finish, I'm in love with it. I've never loved an album so unconditionally since... Fall Out Boy's previous album Folie A Deux. FOB have a way of transforming me into a one-album-at-a-time kind of girl. I'm not even complaining!

What's your favourite bands/artists & favourite albums?
I actually wrote a blog post on the history of my music taste last year, so I'll be rather brief here.
My top five favourite bands/artists are My Chemical Romance, The Used, Fall Out Boy, Queen and Alice Cooper. Sadly I've only seen The Used live, and two of these bands no longer perform together, so I've just got Fall Out Boy and Alice Cooper to see.
As for albums, like I just mentioned, Folie A Deux by Fall Out Boy is up top, but in the top spot is My Chem's Black Parade. From The End to Blood, this album transformed my life and gave me confidence in keeping myself alive. I mentioned all this in my MCR farewell post.

If you could instantly know how to play any instrument, what would it be?
Along with everyone else that's done this tag, I'd have to say piano. I've been enchanted by many a piano tribute to my favourite songs, and I'll always regret never learning piano when I was younger, because I don't think I have the attention span to do it now.
Equally, this song makes me want to learn guitar:

I tag all of you! I want to see this tag explode! I love knowing that my favourite bloggers love music, because it's such a big thing in my life, knowing that other people consider it highly too just makes me smile. Please drop a link in the comments if you've already done this!

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